How to use Yoast SEO plugin Onpage SEO support

How to use Yoast SEO plugin Onpage SEO support

If Offpage SEO is the work of link building, creating signals from other websites pointing to, SEO Onpage is the optimal journey on your website to fit and be friendly with Google search engine .

This is the optimal tool to support SEO Onpage completely free but extremely powerful. It has a lot of great features to help you step by step optimize the site to be appreciated under the eyes of bots from Google.

Install Yoast SEO plugin

You access the wp-admin interface of the website to install, Plugin -> Add New -> and search Yoast SEO keywords in the search box.

Click Install then Activate plugin as usual.

Set General overview
After activating the plugin, look at the left hand column of the dashboard wp-admin, you will see the SEO section with Yoast symbol as shown. There are 5 items to configure, depending on the intended use.

We will click on General to go to the website’s general settings interface.

Here you see 3 main tabs: Dashboard, Features and Webmaster Tools

At the default Dasboard tab, after the installation is completed, there will be no notice to note. On the Features tab, I will turn On – Off on and off in items like the image, you should note that I will explain immediately below.

SEO Analytics: Yoast will analyze the content on the page you publish & have a green or red checklist underneath the editing area of ​​the page so you can see the content and the title, the description of that page is having problems. Any topic that needs further optimization.
Readability analytics: Yoast will assess the readability or difficulty in reading the content you present on the page. This is not necessary because the normal habit is not to write long paragraphs, 2-3 rows and the paragraph is easy to read.
Cornerstone content: This feature allows you to mark the content in any pages / posts which is the most valuable and fundamental content on the website to keep track of the onpage issues of that post / page.
Text link counter: Indicates how many internal links on the page or post.
XML sitemaps: Add XML sitemaps to index search for websites on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex …
Ryte integration: Detects whether the website is in Google’s index.
Admin bar menu: Turn on if you want to add Yoast menu dropdown in wp-admin interface
Security no advanced settings for authors: Turn on to prevent authors from being able to remove your article from the search results arbitrarily, change the original URL of the article and only allow users to act as editors or real administrators does this.
Then click Save changes to save the settings you just made.

In Webmaster Tools, we will add website to google Webmaster Tools. Click on the Google Search Console link that Yoast displays to be taken to the Google Search Console interface

Go to the Google Search Console interface, select the HTML tag method.

We will get the correct code from the quotation marks that we marked on the picture to paste into the Google Verification Code box on the Yoast interface on the website.

Go back here and paste it into the correct Google box, then click Save changes

After you’ve clicked save changes, open the Google Search Console tab and click verify. Immediately receive the following message that you have successfully added the website to Webmaster tools.

Search Appearance
Next, I guide you to set up the Search Appearance section, which also starts with a sequence of tabs from left to right.

Here we just need to set the title and custom delimiter title and title as well as the meta for the homepage if you use the homemade homepage but not the default homepage of the themes.

Content Types
Go to the content types tab you set for posts then go to pages as shown.

Show Posts in search results: select Yes to display the posts you posted to google search results.

Date in Snippet Preview: Select Show to display the date you published the post content. Users often like to read fresh content, which will increase the click-through rate.

Yoast SEO Meta Box: Display the meta description of the post.

Under the SEO title structure, you set up elements like: Title then Seperator and then Site title.

Search Console
Connect Yoast with Google Search Console to promptly detect errors in the website such as broken links, index errors, posts changing paths, deleted posts, redirect navigation links, etc.

You do the following, click Get Google Auth Code

The interface appears for you to copy the code as shown, remember to copy to return the paste to the Authenticate side of Yoast

Then paste it here and click Authenticate to finish connecting Yoast to Search Console

Set up Social information to Yoast get data of your social network accounts, from which you can set up optimal sharing from website posts to how social networking sites look like. Is the title, description, thumbnail, .. appropriate?

Yoast’s fifth and final setting is Tools.

Yoast’s tools support the following 3 quite useful tasks

Import & Export: Helps you easily import & export existing settings from other SEO support plugins to Yoast and vice versa.
File editor: Support to intervene to edit system files such as robots.txt, .htaccess quickly
Bulk editor: Supports quick editing of titles and descriptions of many posts and pages without having to go into the editor of each page / post to manipulate.

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