The price of Erling Haaland increased rapidly

After just 1 year impressing, Erling Haaland has increased galloping prices in the transfer market. He became the player with the highest price growth in the world.

Erling Haaland is a “hot” name in European football village with extremely impressive performance. After only 7 games when moving to Dortmund, the Norwegian striker has scored 11 goals. Earlier, in Salzburg, this player had 28 goals in 22 matches.

It was these excellent performances that made the value of Erling Haaland soar after a year. Specifically, in January 2019, when the striker was born in 2000 to play for Salzburg from Molde, this player was only valued at 5 million euros. The Austrian club itself also pointed out 8 million euros to get the striker’s signature.

However, at the time of his transfer to Dortmund, Erling Haaland was transferred by transfermarkt transfer site 45 million euros. But not stopping there, the excellent performance in the Dortmund shirt color helped Erling Haaland raise the price to 60 million euros.

Thus, after 1 year, the price of Erling Haaland has increased 12 times. He became one of the strongest rising players in the world along with Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan), Ansu Fati (Barcelona).

It is worth saying, Dortmund only cost 20 million euros to recruit Erling Haaland from Salzburg. And now, they are having a great bargain when the price of the Norwegian striker is increasing rapidly.

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