The player collapses onto the field unconscious and faces death after a strong kick in the face

The quick wit of the team helped Perovic through the crisis.

The incident occurred during the match between Dimano Bucarest and Steaua Bucarest in the Romanian league. In the 45th minute, in a dispute in the middle of the pitch, player No. 17 Cristea (Steaua Bucarest) hit the ball high, accidentally kicked in the face of striker Slavko Perovic on the home side.

A powerful kick caused Perovic to collapse on the pitch like a banana tree being felled. Perovic fell into a state of unconsciousness and he was really life-threatening. Quick-witted teammates rushed to open Perovic’s mouth. Unconsciously, Perovic can swallow his tongue very dangerous, so the team must use his hand to prevent him from swallowing his tongue unconsciously, at the same time calling the doctor for treatment. Two ambulances also immediately went into the yard to bring Perovic to the hospital.

After the doctor performed first aid and fixed the neck, Perovic was put on a stretcher to transfer to the hospital. Cristea, the player who fouled Perovic was initially shown a yellow card. But after reviewing Perovic’s injury situation, the referee decided to change the red card directly.

Despite the lack of people, Steaua Bucarest suddenly had a goal to take the lead thanks to a penalty in the extra time … nine minutes of the first half. However, with only 10 people on the field, the away team could not preserve the advantage and lost 1-2 backwards.

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