The French newspaper claimed that PSG won the Ligue 1 championship for the 2019/20 season

Ligue 1 was forced to end the season early because the French government did not allow football matches to take place before September due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to information from L’Equipe, PSG will be awarded the championship trophy.

Earlier this week, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that football matches would not take place until before September due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which means Ligue 1 will have to cancel the season, in when PSG and Lyon have to compete abroad in the Champions League, if UEFA restarts this tournament.

Before Ligue 1 was suspended indefinitely in mid-March, PSG monopolized the top of the table with 12 points more than the second-ranked team in Marseille, they also played one match less than the opponent. Ligue 1 has been in the round 28 and only 10 more rounds will end the season, but the tournament will not be able to continue.

PSG are likely to win Ligue 1 if they continue to play, but having to end the season early makes fans uncertain whether or not the Paris team will be awarded the championship trophy. The latest, according to information by journalist Domenighetti Joel of L’Equipe newspaper, Ligue 1 organizers decided to give the championship to PSG.

As revealed by Joel, the organization team of Ligue 1 will not cancel the season, instead the season ends with a ranking calculated based on the average score of the teams through each match.

This calculation ensures fair play for the missing soccer teams. In fact, it has not changed much of the current Ligue 1 standings, because only PSG and the 11th team of Strasbourg are missing 1 match. According to this calculation, in the final rankings of the 2019/20 season, PSG is still at the top, while Strasbourg is up 1 step, accounting for the 10th rank of Angers.

Relegation or qualification places for the European Cup will go through the final rankings. Synonymous with Marseille and Rennes, the two teams ranked second and third will join PSG in the Champions League next season. While Lille, Reims, Nice will participate in the Europa League qualifier.

Amiens and Toulouse will be relegated, surely this will cause a big controversy, especially with Amiens. After 28 rounds, Amiens was four points behind the 18th-ranked Nimes, six points behind the Dijon and St Etienne by six points. The score gap is not too large when the tournament has 10 rounds, if you continue to play Amiens still have a chance of relegation.

Controversy also arises in the Champions League, Lille is less than Rennes one point, this gap is too small with the remaining 10 rounds. The difference in money between the Champions League and the Europa League is so large that not attending the number one playground in Europe will cost Lille a great loss.

There are also seven teams from 8th to 13th class including Lyon, Montpellier, Monaco just one to four points behind Nice, surely they will be dissatisfied with the opportunity to miss the European Cup.

It is not clear how the French teams will react to this arrangement. However, it is certain that when the season cannot be completed as planned, there is no solution to satisfy all the teams.

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