Identify 14/16 men’s soccer teams for the 2020 Olympic Games

Brazil U23 is the 14th name to participate in the 2020 Men’s Olympic football after winning against Argentina U23.

In the final round of the 2020 South American Olympic qualifier, U23 Brazil had a 3-0 victory over the great rival U23 Argentina. In particular, striker Matheus Cunha, who plays for Hertha Berlin, is the hero of the Brazilian U23 when contributing a double in this match.

With the victory in the life-and-death confrontation, U23 Brazil overcame U23 Uruguay to win second place. Previously, Argentina U23 soon won tickets to the 2020 Olympic Games.

Thus, up to now, 14/16 teams have been identified for the 2020 Olympic Games. In particular, Asia and Europe have the most capacity, each region has 4 teams.

The reason Asia has 4 slots is because Japan plays the role of the host. The remaining three slots include Korea U23, U23 Australia and U23 Saudi Arabia. The four European teams participating are U23 Spain, U23 Germany, U23 France and U23 Romania.

Teams in Africa region to win tickets are U23 Egypt, U23 Ivory Coast and U23 South Africa. Oceania’s only rate belongs to U23 New Zealand.

The other two representatives are determined through the CONCACAF regional qualifier. This tournament will take place from March 20 to April 1.

Currently, Brazil U23 is the defending champion of the tournament. Like previous tournaments, Olympic teams participating in this tournament are allowed to register 3 players over the age of 23.

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