Ronaldinho is better than Messi

Share with the press, former Argentinian player Martin Cardetti admitted that Ronaldinho was in his prime better than Messi.

Martin Cardetti once had a period playing with Ronaldinho at PSG and the former player really admired the talent of “lug”. He thinks that Ronaldinho always knows how to make a difference, even in training sessions.

Speaking to Crack Deportivo, the former Argentinian said: “As a coach, I chose Ronaldinho at the peak, instead of Messi. I played with Ronaldinho for a year and found that he was really different. It was a gift from God.

Ronaldinho is always happy. He can do anything with the ball. He usually trains a lot about a skill, before he can perform it in official matches.

You have seen Ronaldinho playing and even during training, his skills are very different from everyone else. It is a player who rarely appears in soccer. They are always remembered in football history. I am proud to have been a teammate with such a player ”.

Ronaldinho moved from PSG to Barcelona in 2003. At the Nou Camp, Ro “quickly” became a top player in the world. The passing, passing and the way Ronaldinho scored always create overwhelming emotions for the fans.

Messi was promoted to Barcelona’s first team in 2005, at a time when Ronaldinho was the club’s brightest star. In the early stages, Messi was also greatly advised by the Brazilian elder.

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