Review details of the 3 best Laneige sleeping masks today

Review details of the 3 best Laneige sleeping masks today


A sleep mask for all skin types moisturizes and supplies the skin after a hard day’s work

The cream smells at first feeling cool, then feels sticky on the face (normally I don’t mind losing this very much, but I put it on and put on the glasses feeling a little uncomfortable, so I have to remove it all) glass out), the next morning, I get a shiny face (partly because I use a lot) but in general I feel good.

And I really like the smell of it, I don’t know what it is, but the sense of smell just feels cool and feels really relaxing.


A radiant, refreshing sleep mask that cleanses and moisturizes the skin while sleeping with a gentle, relaxing Lavender scent.

This line differs from the previous Water Sleeping Mask in the scent. Lavender scent of this strain is very uncomfortable, those who are allergic to scent or do not like lavender scent avoid this product. However, the quality of this child still retains the softness, tension and health of the skin.
Quality: very good, making skin healthier, more beautiful. The scent when applied to the skin is about 30 minutes to 1 hour. There are both mini and full sizes. If you want to buy this fragrance, buy a mini size


A sleep mask for the whole night, combining moisturizing and white conditioning in one step of care.

Packaging: This child is a sleepy liquid mask that is turned into a jelly, the product is extremely smart and compact, so it can be carried.
Quality: when you rub this on your face, your feeling is that your skin is cool and cold. When I first used this child, I didn’t put it in the refrigerator but my face was still cool. Extremely always like I put ice on my face.

After I put this up for a long time, my skin improved a lot. Extremely good ability to provide moisture and whiten skin.
After a night of covering me up, the next morning I was extremely smooth when I applied my makeup and it was very smooth and even more chalky. One pack like that, I can use it twice

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