Review Details 3 types of hottest Holika holika masks today

Review Details 3 types of hottest Holika holika masks today


Paper mask with ingredients extracted from nature for smooth skin full of vitality helps you always beautiful and confident.

This is the lemon extract mask of the house holika holika, actually this piece I was given back to buy me that jelly foundation cream, is also the first time to mask this firm.

After covering this friend, I was very surprised because it made my skin white horribly, probably because I had vitamin C, I was only afraid to go to the street to eat sunshine, but if it helped my skin white so quickly, I decided to attach long-term bundle


Holika Holika red wine sleeping mask, extracted from Korean red wine offers superior effects, helps nourish and protect the skin from signs of aging.

This child has a very luxurious design. Picture of a wine barrel. I love the design of this company that looks very lovely and luxurious. And in the mask box, there is also a mask to scoop out the mask.
If the mask is removed from the table, open the lid and see a beautiful transparent pink. A solid gel mask is easy to penetrate into the skin

This scent of this child must say that I like it. The best of all the sleeping masks I used. This guy smells of a very light wine.
I often put a small amount on my face and massage. At this time my face is light and very light. The smell is fragrant. Although it is a gel, the mask is very easily absorbed into the skin. When applied to the face for about 3 minutes, the mask is absorbed into the skin. At this time, my skin is smooth and shiny.
The effect I felt after 2 months of using this child was that my face had less oil. And the pore is almost gone. The skin is smoother and brighter before use


Holika sleeping mask with flower and fruit extract, helps nourish and care for the skin while sleeping, giving you the wonderful experience from the perfect combination of Honey and natural ingredients other

When I first applied it, it would feel a little hot, according to me, it is because honey should cause that feeling, but just a little is normal as the weight of milk sugar.

Exactly, it is a witch in treating acne. When I was given a sample, I only used it for a fee, but after 4 times of applying it, the pimple was hidden on my cheeks, I thought it would be faithful to me at least another month to dive completely with only a small ledge tiny, ready to squeeze out the face very easily, apply a little bit of turmeric, it is not necessary to adjust it! I was really surprised by its use and that is the reason to buy a full size jar.
Those who are having acne problems, I recommend buying a trial, not regretful, very good treatment, for acne, only need to cover 2 times to reduce, reduce red swelling, after 1 week is diving always!

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