Revealed the reason Figo “betrayed” Barcelona, defected to Real Madrid

Figo 20 years after leaving Barcelona to rival Real Madrid, Figo explained the true reason for this decision.

The transfer of Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid is considered one of the most confusing in history. From the position of the hero, Figo has become a traitor in the eyes of Barcelona fans.

The culmination of the outrage of fans of Barcelona fans towards Figo is that they threw the pig head towards the Portuguese player in the El Clasico match in October 2000.

Until today, Figo has revealed the true reason behind that “risky” decision. The former Portuguese midfielder said: “It was the most important decision of my career. To make such a decision is not easy.

I have left the city of Barcelona, ​​which has given me a good life with lots of beautiful memories. However, sometimes you realize that your contributions are no longer respected. You get better offers and had to think about it. ”

The problem Figo mentioned probably lies in this player’s salary. At the time, the former Portuguese player moved to Real Madrid for a record fee of 56 million euros, along with a super huge salary, which Figo was not met in Barcelona.

In addition, President Florentino Perez is said to have “spent the night” with Figo to persuade the player to return to the Bernabeu. It was also a landmark move that helped him win the Real Madrid presidency in 2000.

Anyway, Figo got it all after going to Real Madrid. He spent 2 La Liga, 1 Champions League with the club and won 1 Golden Ball (2000), 1 FIFA Player of the Year award in 2001.

Sharing about his time with Real Madrid, Figo was impressed by Raul. The former Portuguese player added: “I play with Raul rather than Ronaldo. While Ronaldo is fast and strong, Raul is extremely wise. He moves great and always knows how to take advantage of opportunities. to score “.

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