Real Madrid received bad news after the shock defeat

Not only losing to Levante, Real Madrid also received shock news when midfielder Eden Hazard was injured and risked losing two great battles with Man City and Barcelona.

Last night, Real Madrid unexpectedly suffered a defeat 0-1 against Levante. This defeat caused the Royal Spanish team to take the top spot in the hands of Barcelona (the team won 5-0 against Eibar).

Not only that, after this loss, Real Madrid also suffered great losses when midfielder Eden Hazard was injured. The Belgian left the field after 67 minutes, giving way to Vinícius Júnior.

According to initial reports, Eden Hazard has an ankle injury. Currently, the extent of the midfielder’s injury in 1991 has not been determined but according to a source from Marca newspaper (newspaper Real Madrid), this player can be absent in two important matches with Man City (Champions). League) and Barcelona (La Liga).

Sharing the situation of the student’s injury, coach Zidane said: “I see the situation is not good because he has an ankle injury. We will know the situation tomorrow, when he is tested. ”

It is worth mentioning, Eden Hazard just returned to the match against Celta Vigo in the round of 24 La Liga after 3 months off playing due to an ankle injury. This is a match that the Belgian midfielder played very well, bringing a penalty for Real Madrid. However, it also could not help Los Blancos win (draw 2-2).

Since coming to Real Madrid, Eden Hazard has not shown much by his constant injury. The injury of the Belgian midfielder coach Zidane had a headache because Real Madrid are entering the sprint stage of the season.

Speaking about the defeat against Levante, the French coach shared: “We played well in the first half but what was missing was the goal. That is the most important thing in football. In the second half, they only had 1 chance and scored. Football sometimes has to go through such hardships. We lost 5 points after 2 matches.

Next week is an important moment for Real Madrid. We need to rest to focus on important matches next week. We need to work for the good and return to the winning trajectory. ”

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