Real Madrid – Barcelona: Gamble all season

In the context of the fierce season, both Real Madrid and Barcelona will fight at the Bernabeu (3:00 on 2 March) in the round of 26 La Liga, in the last gamble to compete for the championship.

During the past 25 rounds of the season, Real Madrid and Barcelona, though at the start of the season, almost took turns dominating the top. Real Madrid took advantage at the beginning of 2020, but three consecutive rounds made them lose everything.

After two defeats and one draw, Real Madrid fell behind Barcelona, ​​who won all three of their last matches to make a breakthrough. Barcelona are getting 55 points, 2 more than Real Madrid when La Liga only has 13 matches left.

If Real Madrid lost 0-1 to Levante, Barcelona defeated Eibar 5-0 thanks to Messi’s shine. That outcome created the opposite situation of the two teams at the El Clasico match, which obviously Barcelona had reason to be confident despite kicking at the Bernabeu.

Although Barcelona had just experienced a difficult 90 minutes in Italy, the 1-1 draw against Napoli in the first leg helped them calculate easily to win a ticket to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Real Madrid is different when they have just had a really bad night.

Defeat 1-2 at the hands of City in the first round of the Champions League 1/8 round at the Bernabeu, making the “White Vulture” face the risk of being eliminated. Coach Zidane is ambitious for consecutive championship victories such as 2016, 2017 and 2018, but it seems that Zizou faces a tough road ahead.

In the first leg between the two teams, Real Madrid was the more pressing team at the Nou Camp but they still had to accept a 0-0 draw. Barcelona, ​​although somewhat inferior to the game, but they are still full of initiative and sharpness in important moments.

For coach Quique Setien, this is the first Super Classic match since replacing Valverde. The former Betis coach may be anonymous compared to Zidane but he still has a certain comfort and the good promotion of Messi’s strengths, Griezmann helps Setien to ensure stability in Barcelona.

As for Coach Zidane, winning this Super Classic match is vital to Real Madrid’s ambition. They were pitying at the opponent for three consecutive years of winning La Liga and this year the “White Vulture” needs to regain its position in the domestic league.

Real Madrid must win and that is also what Barcelona is aiming for. If you defeat the great rival, Barcelona will break out with 5 more points and easily calculate the championship path. The competition between the two teams, with players who understand each other, promises to be extremely stressful, when both teams want to “join hands” to determine the race to win La Liga.

The stars decide the match:

Both teams have certain losses in the competition at the Bernabeu tonight. Real Madrid will lose the star Eden Hazard due to injury and coach Zidane may have to use Bale in the main kick with two pet is Isco and Benzema.

Barcelona continue to lack Luis Suarez due to a long-term injury, but it is not a shortage that Setien worries. Pique suffered a knee injury after the match against Napoli, the chances of recovery were very low and he was ready to use Umtiti-Lenglet center-back.

With Real Madrid possessing many attacking stars, the Umtiti-Lenglet pair is hard to bring peace of mind especially when Barcelona rarely plays without Pique. Not only Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid also have certain concerns in the defense when both Varane, Nacho and Ramos constantly make mistakes in past matches.

When Messi has regained the feeling of scoring (just scoring 4 goals against Eibar), plus Griezmann is playing impressively, and is the essence of Real Madrid while at Atletico, coach Setien will have profitable options. harm to approach the subject Courtois.

In the history of El Clasico matches, the battle in the middle of the yard has always been fierce. The performance of Busquets, Vidal, Rakitic, De Jong or Valverde, Kroos, Modric, Casemiro is crucial to the outcome of the match.

For Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the battle at the Bernabeu tonight is not only meant to make a turning point for the race to win the La Liga, but also for the honor and pride of the top two clubs in the country. Winning will only belong to the team that makes few mistakes and has a star who knows how to explode at a critical time.

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