Product supports increasing engine Combat Whey

Product review supports increasing engine Combat Whey

Product review supports increasing engine Combat Whey

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Milk increases muscle Whey Combat is good?
Is the Whey Combat good? This is a question many people ask when researching and buying this Whey product. To answer this question, please follow the following article!

Whether a product is rated good or not is based on the following factors: ingredients, cost, and manufacturer. Join the experts to learn more about this muscle-building milk.

Product supports increasing engine Combat Whey
Product supports increasing engine Combat Whey
  1. Manufacturer

Combat Whey is the Whey product line produced by Muscle Pharm in Canada. This is a well-known company, trusted by most Gyms and chosen by extremely high nutritional content.

Muscle Pharm affirmed its reputation in 2010 and gradually became a great tycoon in the village of bodybuilding supplements for sports and fitness practitioners.

2. Table composition

Contains high quality protein
Combat Whey provides 25g of high quality protein in each dose. Proteins are very important for people who exercise with high intensity for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish protein continuously so that muscles can be restored and developed to the best.

Combat Whey makes a difference by combining 5 sources of protein with different slow absorption rates, helping the body to be supplied protein continuously for 8 hours. Protein comes from five sources: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Micellar Casein, Egg Albumin.

Add BCAA and Glutamine
BCAA and Glutamine included in Combat Whey function to prevent muscle catabolism, restore muscle quickly, reduce muscle aches, stimulate muscle growth and improve exercise performance

Follow criteria 3 no
With the criteria of always putting consumers’ health first, the products of Muscle Pharm always meet high standards of health safety. As a result, the Combat Whey increases its compliance with Criteria 3: Gluten-free, non-synthetic and synthetic.

Great taste
Muscle Pharm always says no to colorings that create artificial smells so they use the most modern and advanced technology to create the most natural, delicious, attractive and safe flavors for users.

In 2014, the Combat Whey product won the “Best taste protein” award. The user will not be reluctant to drink the Whey cup but instead will feel excited to enjoy its wonderful taste.

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