Premier League will be closed to the audience?

According to a source from The Sun, the Premier League BTC is planning to host matches in the closed stadium for the rest of the season. All matches will be streamed live for free on television.

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting heavily across Europe, causing many of the top European leagues to be postponed. However, if the season cannot be completed, the tournaments (especially the Premier League) will suffer heavy losses.

A source from the Daily Mail said the Premier League organizers could be fined £ 750 million for failing to make a proper commitment (direct entire season) on television rights.

In a meeting of the League of Nations members yesterday, UEFA also finalized the plan that the European leagues would have to complete the season before June 30. That makes a big burden for the organizers.

As a result, Premier League leaders are counting on a solution that will host the remaining matches on a stadium without an audience. In addition, all matches will be broadcast live on television for free to ensure the issue of television rights, as well as to the audience can not watch the pitch.

Some matches will be played at two or three different neutral venues (possibly in the Midlands) if they are not eligible for the match. A stadium can hold more than 1 game a day.

On Thursday, the Premier League Organizing Committee will meet to agree on a final decision. In particular, the ability to cancel or keep the result is gradually being eliminated at this time. Instead, they are trying to organize to complete the tournament.

At this time, Liverpool are leading the Premier League with 25 points more than Man City. They need at least 6 points to be crowned champion. However, the race to win tickets to the Champions League or relegation is very intense.

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