Neymar was sued for gender discrimination of his mother boyfriend

The recent troubles of Neymar are related to Tiago Ramos, the young pilot who is 29 years younger than his mother.

Recently, Neymar was unexpectedly sued for “homosexual discrimination” and “inciting hatred” targeting this minority. And Agripino Magalhaes, a LGBT campaigner in Brazil. then filed a lawsuit against Neymar at the Sao Paulo prosecutor’s office in Brazil.

Agripino Magalhaes said: “My lawyer has officially filed a complaint against Neymar Junior and his friends on charges of homosexuality, speech hatred and intimidation of a member of the community LGBT .

Earlier, Neymar had a disdain for his mother’s boyfriend and called him with a heavy gender insult. It is known that his mother’s boyfriend. Tiago Ramos, is bisexual and in the past, he had both a girlfriend and an ex-boyfriend.

The incident was only widely exposed after the Neymar text messages sent to friends were spread out. However, the prosecutor will seriously consider this evidence before deciding whether to prosecute Neymar or not.

According to the plaintiff’s share, Neymar’s behaviors can also be considered racist. And in the case of a conviction, Neymar will certainly miss an appointment to re-export with his PSG teammates.

Last year, Neymar was also involved in a lawsuit scandal when she was raped by model Najila Trindade.

However, the police finally ended the investigation because there was not enough evidence to accuse the superstar player.

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