Mimicking C. Ronaldo, the “young star” of Real Madrid is muscular

Vinicius Jr followed the diet and practice of superstar C. Ronaldo during the Covid-19 break and the young Real Madrid striker had an admirable, muscular body.

Young talent Vinicius Junior took advantage of the time off to play because of the Covid-19 pandemic to practice, improve his body before waiting for La Liga to play again. Notably, the Real Madrid striker learned from the diet and practice of C. Ronaldo to get a solid body, 8-pack abs as currently.

According to Marca newspaper, Vinicius Jr has hired cooks and fitness trainers to come to their own houses in the past few months to practice. The chef maintains a strict but nutritious diet, while fitness coach Thiago Lobo instructs Vinicius to perform exercises that help him become faster and healthier.

The Brazilian striker also designed the gym at home to practice during the break, helping him from a slim player with a solid, muscular body ideally.

Vinicius Jr joined Real Madrid in 2018 and is considered to have a very similar gameplay to his elder brother C. Ronaldo. The striker was born in 2000, impressed in the super classic match with Barcelona in March 2020 when scoring helped Real to lead Barca, becoming the youngest player to score in the super classic when only 19 years old. 233 days.

Last season, Vinicius became one of the first regular players to start from under Zinedine Zidane. So far, he has played 18 La Liga matches and scored 2 goals for the home team.

The former Real Madrid midfielder, Victor Sanchez del Amo, feels the play of the star Vinicius Junior, is very similar to Juventus superstar C. Ronaldo.

Vinicius statistics for the first two seasons show that he has scored eight goals. C. Ronaldo scored 11 goals in the first two seasons, Victor Sanchez del Amo shared in Marca newspaper.

“Vinicius is on a level very similar to C.Ronaldo at this age with a similar style of play. A winger with dribbling ability and speed, but he needs to know how to overcome difficulties. difficult to become one of the best players in history like Ronaldo did, “said Victor Sanchez del Amo.

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