Man Utd: When “blockbuster” cannot carry the sky

Bruno Fernandes had a promising performance in the match against Wolves, but clearly, this player could not carry Man Utd team too weak.
Bruno Fernandes appeared at Old Trafford with a lot of expectations. Perhaps, due to the lack of creative staff, coach Solskjaer used the Portuguese rookie at the beginning of the match against Wolves, despite the fact that he did not have a “kind” training session with his teammates. The first episode is just a light episode).

To be fair, if one separates the statistics of Bruno Fernandes, one can be satisfied with the player’s performance during his debut. In the match against Wolves, the midfielder in 1994 made 5 shots, including 3 shots on target. He touched the ball 110 times and made 86 passes. It should be emphasized, these are the best indicators on the field.

In addition, Bruno Fernandes also showed dynamism when moving to 11.3 km, which is second only to Fred. However, that was only when separating the statistics of Bruno Fernandes from the team.

As for “assembling” Bruno Fernandes with the Man Utd team, those statistics have become meaningless. Because, he completely lost in that collective. Bruno Fernandes’s passing accuracy is only 78.4%, which is a clear testament to that.

In other words, putting talented geniuses like Bruno Fernandes into the Man Utd team is really … a waste. Waste in that, the satellites around Bruno Fernandes are like amateur guys, playing very passive football. They did not move well enough to be able to catch the passes of their teammates.

Many people think that putting Andreas Pereira or Fred to play next to Bruno Fernandes is ridiculous. Because many times, the Portuguese maestro has to wait for his teammates to move the ball, instead of being more active.

In the upline (when Bruno Fernandes kicked No. 10 in the first half), only Juan Mata was linked to the intent of Bruno Fernandes. On the other hand, Daniel James shows that he is just a running player and does not have much tactical sense. Similar is Anthony Martial.

A typical situation that drives Man Utd fans “crazy” is at the last minute. When Bruno Fernandes deliberately pointed to Lingard to move to an empty position but the player … still hugged the right wing, where there were teammates there.

Therefore, regardless of the position of Solskjaer coach, Bruno Fernandes has not yet reached his full potential. Simply, the passing, distributing ball of this player … goes nowhere. The effectiveness is not maximized.

At this point, many people feel that Bruno Fernandes lacks a good enough player to play like Paul Pogba. If the French midfielder is on the pitch, he can replace Bruno Fernandes to perform the distribution of the ball from the downline, while helping the new teammate to be more comfortable in the attack. And above all, Pogba is a smart player and can easily connect with Bruno Fernandes.

As the legendary Ryan Giggs commented: “I don’t need to watch the whole game to see how talented Bruno Fernandes is. He will help Man Utd’s midfield improve. However, coach Solskjaer needs him to play in a specific role.

Bruno Fernandes can do well in a deep back position as a midfielder, to distribute the ball and to take part in the defense but it seems he is down quickly. Because that is not the position of the head of Bruno Fernandes. Therefore, I think Man Utd’s central midfielders need to do a good job, to free Bruno Fernandes with more attacking duties. Bringing too many roles to Bruno Fernandes is not wise. ”

Obviously, Man Utd and Bruno Fernandes also need more time to understand each other better. And the important thing is whether this player can find satisfactory satellites to promote his talent. Otherwise, Bruno Fernandes could fade like many other stars to Man Utd over the years.

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