Man Utd: Sir Alex’s smile and the light of revival

You may be startled to learn that Man Utd owns 10 consecutive unbeaten matches. It was too early to say that the Red Devils had returned but clearly, they were seeing the light of revival.

There is a very expensive detail after the match between Man Utd and Man City, that is the image of coach Solskjaer looking at and looking for someone in the stands. After the match, the Norwegian teacher revealed that the person he sought was the “old father” Sir Alex Ferguson.

Solskjaer may be about to turn 50, but in any case, he is still the “little student” of Sir Alex Ferguson. Still the “assassin with a young face” is still reserved, worried and full of respect for the Scottish teacher.

Victory against Man City brought a radiant milestone to Solskjaer. It should be emphasized, in the history of Man Utd, only 3 coaches have won Man City in both matches in the Premier League. Apart from Solskjaer, of course, Sir Alex Ferguson. The other is Dave Sexton (Man Utd coach in the 70s).

And Solskjaer is also the 2nd coach in history (after Jurgen Klopp) to beat Pep Guardiola up to 3 times in a season.

Solskjaer’s searching gaze can be interpreted as showing off his exploits to his former teacher. Any student who does brilliant things wants to look for the person he or she most values ​​to be told about what he’s been through. And the camera lens is also very delicate when choosing the angle of the light, enough to see the radiant and full face of Coach Solskjaer.

And in the stands, Sir Alex Ferguson was found smiling. Everyone understands, “the old man” of Scotland is a symbolic image of victory and pride Man Utd. Throughout his life, he always devoted to the red shirt. Even in his hospital bed, his greatest desire is to go to Old Trafford to watch Man Utd.

The Reds have experienced many ups and downs after Sir Alex Ferguson retired. But very rarely, people see “Mr. hair dryer” absent in the stands of Old Trafford to watch the old team. And very rarely, such contented smiles are seen from Sir Alex Ferguson.

You may be surprised but Man Utd is going through a series of 10 unbeaten matches in a row. That number is still not equal to Solskjaer’s 11-match unbeaten series when taking over the club. However, it is a very valuable message at this time.

After the “honeymoon”, the Norwegian coach is always suspected of competence. Statistics also show that Man Utd’s performance in the first 50 games of Solskjaer (85 points) is worse than Van Gaal (94 points) and Mourinho (95 points). He also suffered more failures than any post-Sir Alex Ferguson coach after the first 50 games (13 games, compared to 10 by Van Gaal and 7 from Mourinho).

But in the eyes of Solskjaer, the smile of Sir Alex Ferguson, people are seeing the light of faith. Is Man Utd okay? The answer is no. But at least, they are no longer fragile as before.

Unsurprisingly, when Man Utd’s uplifting period came at the time Bruno Fernandes appeared at Old Trafford. Every wrong round, people mention the Portuguese midfielder as a habit. And so, the title of the Best Player of the Premier League in February to Bruno Fernandes as inevitable.

As coach Solskjaer admitted, looking at Bruno Fernandes, he saw the embodiment of former teammate Paul Scholes, a flexible and always know how to inspire the team. Perhaps, for many years, Man Utd fans have expected such a mischievous fall (when colliding with Gundogan) and the extremely high kick (for Martial to score) like that.

As Luke Shaw has admitted Bruno Fernandes brought spillage. The members of the Man Utd squad are always trying to conform to the standards of Bruno Fernandes, to be able to connect into the system. Meanwhile, Man Utd captain, Harry Maguire said that in the Portuguese player is always “excelled exile”.

And indeed Bruno Fernandes is a potential stimulus of Man Utd. Ever since he was, Martial has returned to his fears, and Ighalo has made people have to mention him more after being forgotten in China.

But Bruno Fernandes is only a factor to help Man Utd sublimation. Can not fail to mention the talent of coach Solskjaer. He has made real tactical innovations, such as bringing Luke Shaw to play as a left-back in the match against Man City recently.

In essence, Luke Shaw is a center-back but this player often has a rise, even to the other side, to approach the City players. Solskjaer’s Man Utd did not play passive defense, but on the contrary, they always actively approached the City midfield from the goal.

Because of that, people have seen the image of Man City between paralyzed (despite holding the ball to 73%). Most of the “green” Man’s passes are towards the back. The absence of a mutant factor as high as De Bruyne makes City not make the difference as expected.

The “risk” of using a 19-year-old player like Brandon Williams in the left-back position is a risky move but promoting the effects of coach Solskjaer. The youngster showed aggressiveness and, importantly, Brandon Williams always received the support he needed to make the player more confident.

The statistics do not lie. It turns out that Man Utd only conceded 2 goals in the last 10 matches (1 came from the mistake of De Gea). Having said that, when the Red Devils became unified, they were no longer as fragile as before.

All the lights at Old Trafford were on Solskjaer after the match against City. It was the light of expectation of revival. There are many things waiting for Man Utd ahead but at the moment, they have a real fulcrum.

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