Did Messi find the “successor” in Barcelona?

Man Utd asked to recruit Ansu Fati to 100 million euros. This shows that the 17-year-old striker is not ordinary. He is on his way to becoming Messi’s successor in Barcelona.

Over the years, Barcelona’s La Masia training facility is no longer rated as high as before. After the golden generation of Messi, Pedro, Pique … people do not mention too much of La Masia. Because, the young talents of this club cannot exist in the first team and must exile to find success.

There was a time when Bojan Krkic, Gerard Deulofeu, Rafinha … had high expectations but then they all had to sell out of the Nou Camp. Even in the match against Celta Vigo in 2018, for the first time in 16 years, Barcelona did not launch any mature player from La Masia.

That said, Ansu Fati’s appearance in Barcelona’s first team is really the spark of La Masia. This is Barcelona’s turbulent season for a variety of reasons (the crisis of the upper class, the achievement of the pitch is not satisfactory) but they still see the bright spots, Ansu Fati is a part of that.

There is some detail to emphasize, Ansu Fati has rewritten records in Barcelona despite being … 17 years old. On September 31, the young striker scored against Osasuna, becoming the youngest player in Barcelona history to score in La Liga (16 years and 304 days). A few days later, he became the youngest player in La Liga history to score and assist in one match (16 years and 318 days). And of course Ansu Fati’s record has not yet stopped. At 16 years and 312 days, he is Barcelona’s youngest player to play in the Champions League and he is also the youngest player to score in this tournament when he conceded Inter at 17 years and 40 days. By February of this year, Ansu Fati became the youngest player to score twice in La Liga.

Ansu Fati’s record-breaking journey lasted for half a year. It seems that no peak pressure can hinder the 17-year-old star.

Spanish football expert Graham Hunter commented: “When faced with a big moment, many players are restless but Ansu Fati is completely the opposite. He was unbelievably excited. These things make people believe that Ansu Fati can become a top player in the world in 8-10 years.

Messi also admires the youngster’s talent and is paying special attention to him more than ever. It is the shoulders wide enough for Ansu Fati to find resilience in his career. ”

Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta announced his candidacy for the president of Barcelona in 2021, in which he emphasized that he would bring Xavi back to the Nou Camp to rediscover the “spirit” of Barcelona. In it, Joan Laporta emphasized to raise the level and bring the La Masia oven back. In particular, Ansu Fati is one of the nucleus to bring Barcelona forward. It should be added that, during the period of President Barcelona (2003-2010), it was Joan Laporta who brought the era of great success of Barcelona with the excellence of the La Masia furnace nuclear.

In fact, to get the potential Ansu Fati today, Barcelona people will have to thank Sevilla Academy Director, Pablo Blanco. He was the one who brought Ansu Fati to every street footballer in Guinea-Bissau a member of Sevilla’s youth soccer academy. It was the first turning point in Ansu Fati’s career.

He remembers the day when 8-year-old Ansu Fati stepped into Sevilla’s academy: “In Guinea, he used to play homemade balls from rags and when he first contacted the ball with Ansu Fati. indeed, he has done incredible things.

I have been in the football world for 50 years but have never witnessed such talent. Even though he was just a child, Ansu Fati showed a strong passion for the ball and he was not afraid of anything. ”

Less than two years later, Barcelona scouts discovered the talent of Ansu Fati. They won Real Madrid in the race for the new 9-year-old boy. During his time at Barcelona, ​​Ansu Fati gradually matured and shaped the future game.

At the age of 9, Ansu Fati teamed up with the Japanese prodigy, Takefusa Kuko to become the terrifying couple of Barcelona U12 team. That season, the U12 Barcelona team created a tremendous attack when scoring 130 goals.

During the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons, Barcelona received a ban on recruiting foreign young players for violating the law of access to young talents under the age of 18. Takefusa Kuko was forced to return to Japan (and a few years later, he moved to Real Madrid). Fortunately, Ansu Fati is still retained.

The player was promoted to Barcelona’s Juvenil-B team in the 2016/17 season and was quickly promoted to the Juvenil-A team the following season, thanks to his superb goalscoring ability.

Ansu Fati’s promotion process was unexpectedly fast. In this season, when Suarez or Dembele was injured, he was quickly promoted to Barcelona’s first team at 16, 11 months and 25 days. And shortly after, the striker was brought in the match against Real Betis, before becoming the youngest Barcelona player to score in La Liga a week later.

Former La Masia furnace director, Albert Puig, was shocked by the talent of Ansu Fati: “He can play in many positions on the front line such as number 9, number 10, number 7 or number 11. That is a good player. versatile. Ansu Fati is fast and always knows how to make a difference. He has an unbelievable head, with great imagination. It is truly a natural talent ”.

He also compared Ansu Fati to Messi during training

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