Defeating Liverpool, coach Simeone exploded

Speaking after the match with Liverpool, coach Simeone proved extremely excited. He even said that Atletico Madrid had won before the game.

Last night, Atletico Madrid excelled to win with a score of 1-0 against Liverpool in the first leg of the round of 1/8 Champions League at home. This victory helped the Spanish team gain an advantage before the second leg.

After the match, Coach Simeone was extremely excited. He even said that Atletico Madrid had won before the game.

The Argentinian coach said: ÔÇťAtletico Madrid have won since I arrived in the stadium. The reception of the fans was impressive. In 8 years, I have never seen such a wonderful scene.

It was the match we had expected. Our opponents are the strongest team in the world, with the top players in the world. We played well in this match. Take the initiative, get an early goal and preserve the score.

My team played a great defensive counter-attack and almost got another goal. The whole team competed. Even offensive players are involved in the defense. It helps the club get good results.

Anyway, Atletico Madrid’s eyes are still the return leg on the strong team field. We cannot be subjective. I am very happy because of the students’ performance in this match.

The return leg between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid will take place at 03:00 on 12/3. Liverpool need to win by two goals to be able to advance. This is quite a difficult task for teachers and coach Jurgen Klopp.

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