Covid-19 paralyzed major football tournaments in Europe

Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in Europe, affecting public and community health. Football is not outside the negative influence of Covid-19 caused, many major tournaments have been postponed.

Premier League (England)
The Premier League has tried to maintain matches before the outbreak of Covid-19, even this tournament still opens the stadium to welcome the audience to the field to watch matches, while many tournaments in Europe accept Received so that the match takes place without an audience.

The number of people infected with Covid in the UK is less than 1 thousand, but after receiving news that coach Mikel Arteta and player Callum Hudson-Odoi infected with Covid-19, the morning of the governing board of English football conducted an emergency meeting and issued a decision to postpone all official tournaments, young tournaments in fog country until at least April 3.

If the outbreak in England goes smoothly, matches in the Premier League may return on 4 April, but this tournament is open to the possibility of being canceled if the epidemic breaks out sharply.

La Liga (Spain)

The La Liga organizing committee also considered the plan to have no spectators, but after a large number of players of several clubs had to conduct isolation due to contact with people infected with Covid-19 so the tournament This is also announced to be postponed until 4/4. Currently Spain has the number of Covid-19 infections in 5,000 people.

Serie A (Italy)

Italy was heavily influenced by Covid-19, with a sharp increase in the number of infections and deaths, becoming the most affected country in Europe today. Currently in Italy more than 17 thousand people infected with Covid-19, more than 1 thousand died.

Serie A had to postpone some matches from last week, the organizers also decided the matches would take place without spectators until mid-April. However, because the Italian government tightened the travel of people to limit curbing the spread of Covid-19, so earlier this week Serie A decided to postpone the award to 3/4.

Ligue 1 (France)

Four days ago, Ligue 1 organizers decided that the stadiums in France would not have an audience until April 15, but as of yesterday, the tournament was postponed indefinitely. Ligue 1 doesn’t know when to return. The number of Covid-19 infections in France currently stands at over 3,000.

Primeira Liga (Portugal)

Similar to Ligue 1, Primeira Liga is being postponed indefinitely, though in Portugal there have been only more than 100 cases of Covid-19 infections, among the lowest affected countries in Europe.

Bundesliga (Germany)
Yesterday, the top football tournament in Germany also suspended at least until 2/4 before the influence of Covid-19. The current number of Covid-19 infections in Germany is over 3,000 and the Bundesliga organizers are set to hold an emergency meeting next week to consider whether to cancel this season.

Eredivisie (Netherlands)

The top league in the Netherlands is postponed to a minimum of three-fourths like many other countries in Europe. Football matches of tulip fields can come back or not depending on the Government’s ability to control Covid-19, the Netherlands now has more than 800 cases of Covid-19.

Champions League, Europa League (UEFA)

Two football tournaments organized by UEFA have been postponed, including the youth ones, after the midweek series. Because most countries in Europe have to postpone national championships, UEFA has not been able to determine when continental tournaments will return.

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