Coach Pep Guardiola acknowledged the risk of being fired

Share with the press, coach Pep Guardiola admits the risk of being fired if not help Man City play successfully in the Champions League.

This season, Man City have not played successfully in the Premier League and almost no opportunity to compete for the championship with Liverpool. Therefore, the pressure on Pep Guardiola’s shoulder in the Champions League is increasing.

Since leading City, the Spaniard has not been able to help this club through the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Everything will be extremely difficult for the “green” Man this season when they have to face Real Madrid in the eighth round.

That makes coach Pep Guardiola feel worried about the risk of being fired. Speaking to the press, the Spanish strategist said: “Man City has never won the Champions League in history.

They have been through more than 100 seasons and many can call it a 100 defeat. But that is not true.

During the stages of the season, there are times when the fans are happy with the team’s performance. They can make different comments as to whether or not the club has played well. I accept all of that.

I really want to help the club win the Champions League and will focus on the match against Real Madrid to see the strength of the club. But if it fails, the board can come and tell me, ‘You are not good enough, we want to win the Champions League. He will be fired ’. Perhaps I will nod my head in acceptance if that happens. ”

Since leaving Barcelona, ​​coach Pep Guardiola has always been ungainly with the Champions League. He helped Bayern Munich 3 times to reach the semi-finals but failed.

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