Chelsea were robbed of 2 goals by VAR, Coach Lampard went crazy

Although Chelsea had twice brought the ball into Man Utd, they were both rejected. That made Lampard feel unhappy.

Last night, Chelsea welcomed Man Utd at Stamford Bridge. Lampard’s teachers and students really wanted to regain the loss of 0-4 in the first leg but once again, they hugged when they lost to 0-2.

It is worth mentioning, in this match, Chelsea was VAR technology twice denied the goal. First, in the 55th minute, Kurt Zouma put the ball into the net against Man Utd but the referee determined that Cesar Azpilicueta pushed Brandon Williams. Then, in the 78th minute, Giroud headed De Gea but the referee determined the player was in an offside position.

Witness the rejection of the goal twice, Coach Lampard has expressed frustration. He has criticized the referee and VAR technology for making an unfavorable decision for Chelsea, especially in the first conceding situation.

Coach Lampard said: “Azpilicueta was knocked over in that situation. It’s not very obvious but I think that goal is perfectly valid. As for Giroud, he is offside because of a toenail. Deciding, I can understand because VAR is also used in such situations. The offside is offside, though it’s only more than toenail. We did not like it at all.

I don’t understand why the referee didn’t come to observe the screen. It needs to be used. When using VAR technology to check the situation, you will always wait and trust the referee will make the correct decision but they still make mistakes.

In addition, Lampard also urged that Maguire should be sent off. He said: “Maguire should be sent off after a foul on Batshuayi. If it is a red card, it can change the outcome of the match ”.

After losing to Man Utd, Chelsea are still ranked 4th on the table, but right now, they are only 1 point better than the fifth team Tottenham.

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