President Bob Myers couldn't hide his tears when he shared about Kevin Durant

Chairman Warriors cry choking news Durant injury

Chairman Warriors cry choking news Durant injury

Reigning MVP Finals left the field after only 12 minutes of playing in the 5 June NBA finals game of the morning

It was an Achilles heel injury. I don’t know how much. Durant will be taking a magnetic resonance, Golden State Warriors’ professional chairman, Bob Myers, speaking in a choked voice during the post-match press conference.

Previously, Mr. Durant worked for four weeks with the team’s medical team, Mr. Myers added. It is a thorough recovery process with many experts, many times of magnetic resonance imaging, many doctors and we all find the process relatively stable.

Kevin wants to play in the game 5, and that is the final decision of the whole team. If someone is responsible, that person is me.

President Bob Myers couldn't hide his tears when he shared about Kevin Durant
President Bob Myers couldn’t hide his tears when he shared about Kevin Durant

In the second half of the NBA final 5 game series against Toronto Raptors, Kevin Durant got injured after a situation of turning the ball over him.

The 30-year-old star just left the field after 12 minutes of play and had to ask teammate Andre Iguodala to come to the dressing room. At the end of the match, Durant used crutches to step into the car carrying the team.

Previously, the Warriors star had a calf injury in the 5-series semi-western game with the Houston Rockets. The best NBA player in 2014 had to quit for a month, and only had a short training session before returning to the Raptors’ match.

The risky decision was made by Durant after seeing the home team lose three of the first four games in the series to win four and stand at risk of being eliminated.

Durant could not complete the training session and had to apply ice when entering the changing room. However, the 10-time All-star player still came out the next day, despite not fully recovering from the injury and risking his career.

Achilles heel injury is one of the most frightening injuries for sports athletes. Many stars such as Kobe Bryant, Santi Cazorla, … have fallen into a similar situation and most cannot return to the peak of their careers.

Durant is currently in New York to diagnose the extent of injury. In the worst case scenario, the 30-year-old star will be out of play for about a year. Durant’s teammate at Warriors is DeMarcus Cousins striker who also has to leave basketball for the same time because of a tendon tear.

Kevin Durant loved basketball and there was no one right when he wondered if ‘KD’ wanted to return to the team. It is one of the most misunderstood people. He is a good teammate, a good person. It’s not fair, President Bob Myers cried when talking about Durant.

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