Top 3 of the best men’s facial care product sets today

According to many studies, men’s skin often produces more sebum than women because men have to work hard and are exposed to the sun, the pores are also larger so it is easy to get dirty, clogging the grave glands. foul and cause acne. Therefore, there should be the right oily skin care products to limit the above condition. And below will be the best men’s facial care products today, you also refer Please.

  1. Product sets Bulldog Skincare

BullDog is perhaps the exceptional brand when it comes to skincare that is so saturated with neutral and faded images. BullDog quickly asserted its position, becoming a pioneer for the organic product line specifically for the gentleman and indeed the company has received many positive feedback from users.

With rich natural ingredients, Bulldog Skincare products are effective, do not cause allergy skin, do not dry skin rough. The product helps to limit oily oils, removes dead skin layers on the face, provides essential moisture to the skin, helps smooth skin, blurs blemishes and blemishes. Bring out a bright look every day for you.

4-step combo includes 4 products:

Oil Control Face Wash: Extremely effective formula helps remove dirt, excess oil on the face. Daily use will bring an extremely clean skin and effectively controlled the amount of oil on the face.
Exfoliating Oil Control Face Scrub: removes dirt, dead cells on the face and cleanses oil. Clearing pores, effectively reducing acne.
Moisturizing Oil Control Moisturiser: specially formulated from the ingredients Witch Hazel, Willow Bark and Juniper to help improve the skin tone and balance the oily oil on the face.
Oil Control Blemish Targeter Male Acne Cream


2. Shiseido Men Skin Revitalizer Set

Shiseido Men Skin Revitalizer Set – Shiseido Men Skin Revitalizer Set is manufactured on modern Japanese technology lines. An effective skin moisturizer, with moisturizing-boosting ingredients. Highly effective in removing dirt, sebum causing acne in the skin. Increases nourishing active ingredients, brightens the skin.

Effective cream composition with the ability to repel free radicals, dark pigmentation causes darkening of the skin, helps brighten, healthy skin, anti-aging. Marine Protein Complex technology helps to restructure cells, returning firm skin to men aged 30.

The texture of the micro-cream particles is easy to penetrate deep inside, affecting the lower layer to nourish natural healthy skin. The accompanying product is a cleanser of the same type, with a lot of fine foam, capable of being used as a shaving cream, and at the same time taking care of the skin after being high, preventing infection and skin damage.


3. Nivea Men cleanser brightens the skin and cleanses deeply 10 in 1

This is a product that has many uses in just one use, helping to improve acne and oily skin. The product is composed mainly of Whitinat brightening nutrients with 10 nutrients and Vitamins to enhance the healthy glow of darkened skin, with optimal benefits for the skin.
Nivea Men 10 in 1 cleanser helps remove dull, rough skin layers, shrink pores and brighten skin. At the same time, the product has a very masculine and attractive scent.


Review Details 3 types of hottest Holika holika masks today

Review Details 3 types of hottest Holika holika masks today


Paper mask with ingredients extracted from nature for smooth skin full of vitality helps you always beautiful and confident.

This is the lemon extract mask of the house holika holika, actually this piece I was given back to buy me that jelly foundation cream, is also the first time to mask this firm.

After covering this friend, I was very surprised because it made my skin white horribly, probably because I had vitamin C, I was only afraid to go to the street to eat sunshine, but if it helped my skin white so quickly, I decided to attach long-term bundle


Holika Holika red wine sleeping mask, extracted from Korean red wine offers superior effects, helps nourish and protect the skin from signs of aging.

This child has a very luxurious design. Picture of a wine barrel. I love the design of this company that looks very lovely and luxurious. And in the mask box, there is also a mask to scoop out the mask.
If the mask is removed from the table, open the lid and see a beautiful transparent pink. A solid gel mask is easy to penetrate into the skin

This scent of this child must say that I like it. The best of all the sleeping masks I used. This guy smells of a very light wine.
I often put a small amount on my face and massage. At this time my face is light and very light. The smell is fragrant. Although it is a gel, the mask is very easily absorbed into the skin. When applied to the face for about 3 minutes, the mask is absorbed into the skin. At this time, my skin is smooth and shiny.
The effect I felt after 2 months of using this child was that my face had less oil. And the pore is almost gone. The skin is smoother and brighter before use


Holika sleeping mask with flower and fruit extract, helps nourish and care for the skin while sleeping, giving you the wonderful experience from the perfect combination of Honey and natural ingredients other

When I first applied it, it would feel a little hot, according to me, it is because honey should cause that feeling, but just a little is normal as the weight of milk sugar.

Exactly, it is a witch in treating acne. When I was given a sample, I only used it for a fee, but after 4 times of applying it, the pimple was hidden on my cheeks, I thought it would be faithful to me at least another month to dive completely with only a small ledge tiny, ready to squeeze out the face very easily, apply a little bit of turmeric, it is not necessary to adjust it! I was really surprised by its use and that is the reason to buy a full size jar.
Those who are having acne problems, I recommend buying a trial, not regretful, very good treatment, for acne, only need to cover 2 times to reduce, reduce red swelling, after 1 week is diving always!

Review 3 most popular Vita masks today

Review 3 most popular Vita masks today


Skin care mask contains vitamins and essences from natural fruits, caring for healthy and radiant skin naturally.

The thick mask imbued with the essence, the very thick essence, and still has an extra amount left over for the next time.

This child provides very good moisture so if you don’t wash it, that layer of essences on your face will be a bit thick and can go on acne. After washing, we see that the skin is lighter and softer, the next morning we wake up and the skin is less oily. I have used it 3 colors except blue and I like the yellow Vitamin C the most.
I see the colors when the finish is the same but yellow vitc, the skin is clearer and the bruises are more visible

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The mask contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients to enhance nourishing and restoring skin from deep inside, helping to resolve skin problems thoroughly.

Packaging: rough shell, mainstream blue tones look very cool, covered with an extremely luxurious look.
Mask: there are 2 completely different layers. The inner layer is soft cotton to apply to the skin. The outer layer is covered with a layer of blue-colored silver paper which helps to keep long nutrients evaporate, help to moisten deeper, but she has the disadvantage of not holding close to her face,

When covering for a long time, I have to use my hand to apply the mask down to cover my face. The mask piece consists of 2 separate parts.
Essence: slightly thick, transparent and numerous (up to 30ml), suitable for face, neck and 2 hands.
 Because the amount of essences is too thick and so, after removing the mask, gently massage the massage for 2 minutes for the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin, then go to sleep. Brightening up skin light up a little, smooth, soft.

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The mask helps to provide optimal water for the skin surface, bringing the essence deep into the dermis, resolving the active ingredients to bring them into the skin, helping to help improve the skin effectively. superior to the surface of the skin, bringing the essence deep into the dermis, resolving the skin-active ingredients into the skin, helping to help improve the skin effectively.

About packaging, the product is designed eye-catching, touching very happy. The use of this blue is moist.
For the first time, I saw a kind of mask that was moist but had a black color and smelled just like the famous tea melon naruko. The mask comes with a shaped film for easy removal. My skin doesn’t match naruko so when I see this banobagi is exactly the same, I’m a bit scared.

However, after covering it up, my skin is very moist and much more tight. In this type of mask, but yellow, I have said that after applying the nutrients is not absorbed into the skin, but this type of green is quite the opposite, the essence penetrates very quickly, does not cause skin secretions. or hiss.

Although the main use is to moisturize, I still feel that this child soothes my skin, before covering me with a swollen pimple, after I have finished covering it, the morning after the pimple is gone. Overall I really like this one

Review details of the 3 best Laneige sleeping masks today

Review details of the 3 best Laneige sleeping masks today


A sleep mask for all skin types moisturizes and supplies the skin after a hard day’s work

The cream smells at first feeling cool, then feels sticky on the face (normally I don’t mind losing this very much, but I put it on and put on the glasses feeling a little uncomfortable, so I have to remove it all) glass out), the next morning, I get a shiny face (partly because I use a lot) but in general I feel good.

And I really like the smell of it, I don’t know what it is, but the sense of smell just feels cool and feels really relaxing.


A radiant, refreshing sleep mask that cleanses and moisturizes the skin while sleeping with a gentle, relaxing Lavender scent.

This line differs from the previous Water Sleeping Mask in the scent. Lavender scent of this strain is very uncomfortable, those who are allergic to scent or do not like lavender scent avoid this product. However, the quality of this child still retains the softness, tension and health of the skin.
Quality: very good, making skin healthier, more beautiful. The scent when applied to the skin is about 30 minutes to 1 hour. There are both mini and full sizes. If you want to buy this fragrance, buy a mini size


A sleep mask for the whole night, combining moisturizing and white conditioning in one step of care.

Packaging: This child is a sleepy liquid mask that is turned into a jelly, the product is extremely smart and compact, so it can be carried.
Quality: when you rub this on your face, your feeling is that your skin is cool and cold. When I first used this child, I didn’t put it in the refrigerator but my face was still cool. Extremely always like I put ice on my face.

After I put this up for a long time, my skin improved a lot. Extremely good ability to provide moisture and whiten skin.
After a night of covering me up, the next morning I was extremely smooth when I applied my makeup and it was very smooth and even more chalky. One pack like that, I can use it twice

Review details of the 3 best types of Naruko masks currently available

Review details of the 3 best types of Naruko masks currently available


Mask with tea extract essence, cleanse and control greasy skin surface effectively

Packaging: Small, simple, elegant, cool blue eyes.
Texture: Mask material is thick, black. The liquid part is a little thick, but not squashed. After covering, I have to pat for about 5 minutes to remove the essence, but after that I still have the stickiness.

Quality: This mask is not too cheap, but with that quality I feel really worthy! When applying on the face, it feels comfortable and cool. The smell of melaleuca tea is not strong but very natural.

After covering up, immediately red spots a little red. The next morning the skin is quite soft. The best thing about me is the ability to refine the oil to the top!

Last night it was covered the whole day the next day I rolled up until late in the evening, it was still clean and clean, it was not sticky at all! Not a dry type but very smooth!


Skin care mask helps moisturize, tighten pores, brighten skin and restore weak skin with natural extracts.

This aroma is very pleasant, relaxing. Put me on the fridge and fill it up. Soft, tough, and good mask on skin.

The essence in the bag is a lot, extra for the neck and hands. Benign mask, highly effective in moisturizing. After 15 minutes, the skin is smoother, I have to wash down the essence.


Pore and lightening skin mask contains granular extracts that are capable of moisturizing, soothing, lightening the skin gently.

Packaging: a mask box has 10 pieces with 25ml / piece, contained in a paper box with an outer plastic bag, stamped. The paper box you can cut out makes use of 2 mask boxes instead of the drawer design, it is too small to hold naruko mask. I found it suitable for small, compact, light items.
A thin mask is fixed with a thin plastic layer, when used, it is necessary to remove it carefully. After using it, you see that the mask works to tighten pores, lighten the skin a bit, and also provide moisture.

Satisfy your dream of still having a six-pack belly

Electric pulse training machine: Satisfy your dream of still having a six-pack belly?

Electric pulse training machine: Satisfy your dream of still having a six-pack belly

Satisfy your dream of still having a six-pack belly
Satisfy your dream of still having a six-pack belly

In fact, the method of electrocution by EMS has been proven by experts to have a real effect, though not as much and not as clear as when practicing.
WeBuy buys a full combo of 3 stickers for the abdomen and 2 sides, so there is a full set of hard paper boxes that look quite good. Some stores have retailed each of these stickers, even with stickers on the butt.
Inside the box, there is a detailed manual on how to use it. Each sticker comes with a separate generator, powered by 2 AAA batteries, 3 level adjustable buttons and 4 mode LED indicators.

The stickers include two electric push-button buttons and two / six pieces of gel pad that allow it to stick to the skin and reuse many times. The manufacturer instructs that just wiping it with a warm towel after use is a piece of gel pad that will be clean again and keep the adhesive for a long time.
Although using only two small batteries, the current is quite strong, not enough to be dangerous, but it can startle people. Through WeBuy’s test, each time the battery is replaced, it can be operated for about 2 weeks to 1 month before the current is reduced and new batteries must be replaced.
In addition, two small patches have a much stronger vibration intensity than belly pads.

The reason is because they only have to split into 2 poles instead of 6. So when practicing the muscles of the arms, the calves must be very careful, press the button to increase the intensity slowly to avoid hurting the muscles.

Feel like electric shock when you first try it

According to the ad, this sticker has up to 6 practice modes and 10 different intensities. The modes are distinguished by LEDs corresponding to numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 + 2 and 3 + 4. However, WeBuy tried it and found that modes 3 and 4 were duplicated, no difference. The set modes in turn include:

  • 1: Punch hard
  • 2: Short vibration
  • 1 + 2: Long vibration
  • 3: Short + long vibration combo + punch
  • 4: Short + long vibration combo + punch
  • 3 + 4: Slight punch

These modes change by pressing the Program button on the pulse generator body. The other two buttons are On / Inc and Off / Dec used to increase or decrease the intensity and turn the notebook on and off.

Product supports increasing engine Combat Whey

Product review supports increasing engine Combat Whey

Product review supports increasing engine Combat Whey

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Milk increases muscle Whey Combat is good?
Is the Whey Combat good? This is a question many people ask when researching and buying this Whey product. To answer this question, please follow the following article!

Whether a product is rated good or not is based on the following factors: ingredients, cost, and manufacturer. Join the experts to learn more about this muscle-building milk.

Product supports increasing engine Combat Whey
Product supports increasing engine Combat Whey
  1. Manufacturer

Combat Whey is the Whey product line produced by Muscle Pharm in Canada. This is a well-known company, trusted by most Gyms and chosen by extremely high nutritional content.

Muscle Pharm affirmed its reputation in 2010 and gradually became a great tycoon in the village of bodybuilding supplements for sports and fitness practitioners.

2. Table composition

Contains high quality protein
Combat Whey provides 25g of high quality protein in each dose. Proteins are very important for people who exercise with high intensity for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish protein continuously so that muscles can be restored and developed to the best.

Combat Whey makes a difference by combining 5 sources of protein with different slow absorption rates, helping the body to be supplied protein continuously for 8 hours. Protein comes from five sources: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Micellar Casein, Egg Albumin.

Add BCAA and Glutamine
BCAA and Glutamine included in Combat Whey function to prevent muscle catabolism, restore muscle quickly, reduce muscle aches, stimulate muscle growth and improve exercise performance

Follow criteria 3 no
With the criteria of always putting consumers’ health first, the products of Muscle Pharm always meet high standards of health safety. As a result, the Combat Whey increases its compliance with Criteria 3: Gluten-free, non-synthetic and synthetic.

Great taste
Muscle Pharm always says no to colorings that create artificial smells so they use the most modern and advanced technology to create the most natural, delicious, attractive and safe flavors for users.

In 2014, the Combat Whey product won the “Best taste protein” award. The user will not be reluctant to drink the Whey cup but instead will feel excited to enjoy its wonderful taste.