Ronaldinho is better than Messi

Share with the press, former Argentinian player Martin Cardetti admitted that Ronaldinho was in his prime better than Messi.

Martin Cardetti once had a period playing with Ronaldinho at PSG and the former player really admired the talent of “lug”. He thinks that Ronaldinho always knows how to make a difference, even in training sessions.

Speaking to Crack Deportivo, the former Argentinian said: “As a coach, I chose Ronaldinho at the peak, instead of Messi. I played with Ronaldinho for a year and found that he was really different. It was a gift from God.

Ronaldinho is always happy. He can do anything with the ball. He usually trains a lot about a skill, before he can perform it in official matches.

You have seen Ronaldinho playing and even during training, his skills are very different from everyone else. It is a player who rarely appears in soccer. They are always remembered in football history. I am proud to have been a teammate with such a player ”.

Ronaldinho moved from PSG to Barcelona in 2003. At the Nou Camp, Ro “quickly” became a top player in the world. The passing, passing and the way Ronaldinho scored always create overwhelming emotions for the fans.

Messi was promoted to Barcelona’s first team in 2005, at a time when Ronaldinho was the club’s brightest star. In the early stages, Messi was also greatly advised by the Brazilian elder.

Revealed the reason Figo “betrayed” Barcelona, defected to Real Madrid

Figo 20 years after leaving Barcelona to rival Real Madrid, Figo explained the true reason for this decision.

The transfer of Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid is considered one of the most confusing in history. From the position of the hero, Figo has become a traitor in the eyes of Barcelona fans.

The culmination of the outrage of fans of Barcelona fans towards Figo is that they threw the pig head towards the Portuguese player in the El Clasico match in October 2000.

Until today, Figo has revealed the true reason behind that “risky” decision. The former Portuguese midfielder said: “It was the most important decision of my career. To make such a decision is not easy.

I have left the city of Barcelona, ​​which has given me a good life with lots of beautiful memories. However, sometimes you realize that your contributions are no longer respected. You get better offers and had to think about it. ”

The problem Figo mentioned probably lies in this player’s salary. At the time, the former Portuguese player moved to Real Madrid for a record fee of 56 million euros, along with a super huge salary, which Figo was not met in Barcelona.

In addition, President Florentino Perez is said to have “spent the night” with Figo to persuade the player to return to the Bernabeu. It was also a landmark move that helped him win the Real Madrid presidency in 2000.

Anyway, Figo got it all after going to Real Madrid. He spent 2 La Liga, 1 Champions League with the club and won 1 Golden Ball (2000), 1 FIFA Player of the Year award in 2001.

Sharing about his time with Real Madrid, Figo was impressed by Raul. The former Portuguese player added: “I play with Raul rather than Ronaldo. While Ronaldo is fast and strong, Raul is extremely wise. He moves great and always knows how to take advantage of opportunities. to score “.

Man Utd beat Barcelona in the race to “blockbuster” Sancho

Barcelona admitted financial difficulties made it difficult for them to pursue “blockbuster” Sancho. Therefore, Man Utd has a great advantage to owning a star worth £ 130 million currently playing for Dortmund.

In the latest interview with ESPN, Vice President Jordi Cardoner shared about Barcelona’s summer 2020 transfer plan. Mr. Jordi Cardoner affirmed that thanks to his strong financial background, Barca was not plagued by Covid-19.

However, declining revenue forced Barca to carefully calculate the transfer plans. At the Summer 2020 market, Barca will exchange players instead of spending money on shopping.

According to sources from the Catalonia press, Arturo Vidal, Samuel Umtiti and Philippe Coutinho are the stars that Barca will discuss in two major deals: Lautaro Martinez of Inter Milan and PSG’s Neymar.

With Barca withdrawing from major purchases, MU is now completely comfortable in the race to be signed by Jadon Sancho. The Manchester club is confident to activate and succeed in this deal soon.

In the 2019-20 season, Sancho maintained a booming style with 17 goals, 19 assists after 35 matches for Dortmund in all competitions. Dortmund is not trying to keep Sancho but will let the English player leave if he receives 130 million euros.

According to another development, AS Roma are planning to rescue Alexis Sanchez from Man Utd. Coach Paulo Fonseca intends to borrow Sanchez because he believes he will fit the tactical scheme he is building in Roma.

However, the biggest obstacle is the salary of the Chilean striker. Sanchez is currently receiving 11 million euros a year at Old Trafford while Roma are only willing to pay him a salary of 4.5 million euros.

The solution to this problem is that MU pays a part of Sanchez’s salary as in the loan contract at Inter. Of course, the likelihood of a successful sale depends on the intention of coach Sanch Solskjaer’s Sanchez to use Sanchez.

Alexis Sanchez arrived at MU from Arsenal but did not meet expectations. Last year, MU let Sanchez to Inter on loan. Here, Sanchez only scored 1 goal after 15 matches should face the possibility of being returned to Old Trafford when the season closes.

The Premier League kicks neutral ground, starting again in June 2020

20 clubs in the Premier League have closed their neutral ground plan and have no audience to complete the 2019/20 season. It is expected that the last 9 rounds will restart on June 12.

Premier League clubs have online meetings and finalized the plan to complete the 2019/20 season in neutral ground and no spectators, even closed games without the audience may have to last until the end of 2021 for until the vaccine for Covid-19 was produced.

The clubs also agreed that if the British government removed the restriction, the players would start training from May 18 and play from June 12 to complete the season.

According to Dailymail, eight stadiums are currently a strong candidate for a neutral ground to complete the season, including Man Utd’s Old Trafford, Manchester City’s Etihad, Arsenal’s Emirates, London’s London Stadium, and Amex. of Brighton, St Mary’s of Southampton, Villa Park of Aston Villa and King Power of Leicester. No club will play on their own ground to ensure fair play.

Courts such as Liverpool’s Anfield and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge will not be used as they are close to densely populated areas that could potentially spread the disease. This means Liverpool fans will not be able to celebrate the championship at home after 30 years of waiting, but the “Red Brigade” must be happier than watching the season be canceled.

However, the proposal to use neutral ground is still controversial if the Premier League starts again, especially the clubs at risk of being relegated strongly opposed because they do not want to sacrifice their home advantage first. important matches could cost them £ 200 million if they are relegated.

The French newspaper claimed that PSG won the Ligue 1 championship for the 2019/20 season

Ligue 1 was forced to end the season early because the French government did not allow football matches to take place before September due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to information from L’Equipe, PSG will be awarded the championship trophy.

Earlier this week, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that football matches would not take place until before September due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which means Ligue 1 will have to cancel the season, in when PSG and Lyon have to compete abroad in the Champions League, if UEFA restarts this tournament.

Before Ligue 1 was suspended indefinitely in mid-March, PSG monopolized the top of the table with 12 points more than the second-ranked team in Marseille, they also played one match less than the opponent. Ligue 1 has been in the round 28 and only 10 more rounds will end the season, but the tournament will not be able to continue.

PSG are likely to win Ligue 1 if they continue to play, but having to end the season early makes fans uncertain whether or not the Paris team will be awarded the championship trophy. The latest, according to information by journalist Domenighetti Joel of L’Equipe newspaper, Ligue 1 organizers decided to give the championship to PSG.

As revealed by Joel, the organization team of Ligue 1 will not cancel the season, instead the season ends with a ranking calculated based on the average score of the teams through each match.

This calculation ensures fair play for the missing soccer teams. In fact, it has not changed much of the current Ligue 1 standings, because only PSG and the 11th team of Strasbourg are missing 1 match. According to this calculation, in the final rankings of the 2019/20 season, PSG is still at the top, while Strasbourg is up 1 step, accounting for the 10th rank of Angers.

Relegation or qualification places for the European Cup will go through the final rankings. Synonymous with Marseille and Rennes, the two teams ranked second and third will join PSG in the Champions League next season. While Lille, Reims, Nice will participate in the Europa League qualifier.

Amiens and Toulouse will be relegated, surely this will cause a big controversy, especially with Amiens. After 28 rounds, Amiens was four points behind the 18th-ranked Nimes, six points behind the Dijon and St Etienne by six points. The score gap is not too large when the tournament has 10 rounds, if you continue to play Amiens still have a chance of relegation.

Controversy also arises in the Champions League, Lille is less than Rennes one point, this gap is too small with the remaining 10 rounds. The difference in money between the Champions League and the Europa League is so large that not attending the number one playground in Europe will cost Lille a great loss.

There are also seven teams from 8th to 13th class including Lyon, Montpellier, Monaco just one to four points behind Nice, surely they will be dissatisfied with the opportunity to miss the European Cup.

It is not clear how the French teams will react to this arrangement. However, it is certain that when the season cannot be completed as planned, there is no solution to satisfy all the teams.

De Gea spoke out about the future at Man Utd

Share with the press, goalkeeper De Gea has made a commitment to stay in Man Utd for long.

De Gea has joined Man Utd since 2011. After many difficulties, the Spanish goalkeeper has gradually asserted himself and rose to the top of the world. At this point, even though he made some elementary mistakes, De Gea still received the trust of coach Solskjaer.

De Gea’s current contract with Man Utd is still valid until 2023. If playing for the Red Devils next season, the Spaniard will celebrate his 10th anniversary at the club.

When asked about his feelings when he was about to celebrate 10 years playing for Man Utd, De Gea joked: “I feel I’m getting old.”

Following that, he shared: “Just being a part of the club is really great. So being here for 10 years is really a dream for me. It was great playing in a club shirt. So I hope to be able to play for Man Utd for many more years ”.

Man Utd is in good shape before having to quit playing because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Share this, De Gea said: “We were in a good time before the break.

One of the reasons came from Man Utd successfully recruiting Bruno Fernandes in the winter transfer window. What he brings to the club is extremely quality. It is a smart player, a great construction midfielder.

Obviously, the team has made progress in recent times. I hope that when the season comes back, the players who recover from injury will be a good challenge for all teams.

Over the years, De Gea has been shaken many times by the invitation of Real Madrid. However, Man Utd still makes every effort to retain the guard of this temple. After nine seasons with the Red Devils, De Gea has 394 appearances in all competitions.

Vieri: “Compared to Brazilian Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo is just a machine.”

Once famous football striker Christian Vieri said that compared to “aliens”, Cristiano Ronaldo today can not match.

In an interview with a journalist close to Sportmail recently, the former No. 1 striker of Italian football, Christian Vieri, commented on many of the strikers of current world football, including Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, Vieri thinks that it is a very good striker, but if compared to “aliens” every day, the Portuguese superstar is not comparable.

Vieri said: “I was lucky to play with Brazilian Ronaldo, he had it all. Extremely explosive, powerful and very fast. He is like a dancer, an artist, who can dance on the football field. ”

“In my opinion, Brazilian people are better than Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 is like a machine. Of course, CR7 is also admirable, for what he has achieved. I think Cristiano Ronaldo can even play top football until he is 40 years old. His physique is very beautiful, ”Vieri added.

ChristianVieri is also the third most famous figure in the football world, in just a few days, judging Cristiano Ronaldo is not as good as the two super-technicians often compared to him as the current Messi and Luis Nazario de Lima. , few years ago.

Two people previously said that Cristiano Ronaldo could not be compared with Messi, including David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

Commenting on the two other famous strikers of contemporary world football, Lukaku and Harry Kane, Vieri said that they are both good strikers, Harry Kane can only succeed in Italy or Spain, by Kane. than the traditional English strikers, it’s more technical Kane.

The five players with the highest valuation in the Premier League

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, football leagues in Europe, including the Premier League, had to be halted, so the value of the players according to the assessment of has decreased compared to March.

According to the latest update of transfermarkt player valuation page, the value of 20 clubs in the Premier League has been reduced to 1.84 billion euros in the past month, from 9.71 billion euros to 7.87 billion euros, the highest in Europe. While top European leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 only dropped from nearly 671 million euros to 1.17 billion euros.

For the first time, there has been a steady decline in the value of all players, especially top stars. Here are the top five most rated stars in the Premier League at the moment.

  1. Raheem Sterling – 128 million euros
    Compared to the previous month, the value of Sterling has dropped significantly, from 160 million euros to 128 million euros, but he is still the most valuable player in the Premier League. The 25-year-old Englishman has played 24 matches for Man City in the Premier League this season, scoring 10 goals, with two assists.
    Sterling is also the second most valued player in Europe, on par with Neymar (£ 128 million), behind only Kylian Mbappe (180 million euros).
  2. Harry Kane – 120 million euros
    Retired from the end of December last year, but Kane’s value was only reduced by Covid-19. The 26-year-old English striker has just played 20 Premier League matches, scoring 10 goals and 2 assists. At the beginning of maturity, Kane is still the number 1 plugged striker in the Premier League.
  3. Kevin De Bruyne – 120 million euros
    The Belgian is still playing very well in Man City’s squad, De Bruyne is this year’s number one pass with 8 goals, 17 assists in just 26 games. With regular sublimation every time he plays, De Bruyne is advancing very fast to the number 1 foot in the Premier League history.
  4. Mohamed Salah – 120 million euros
    Moving to Liverpool in 2018, Salah quickly became one of the top Premier League strikers. For the past two consecutive seasons, the Egyptian has won the Golden Boot in the Premier League. This season, Salah continues to play impressively with 16 goals, 2 assists, making an important contribution for Liverpool to monopolize the top of the table.
  5. Sadio Mane – 120 million euros
    Mane does not play the same technique as Salah, but he is very stable and brings high efficiency to the team. Even some English football experts consider the Senegalese player to be more important to Liverpool than Salah. This season Mane participated in The Kop’s 23 goals in the Premier League, 14 goals in 9 assists. Currently the Senegal striker is being valued as the 3rd highest value player in Europe. That also explains why Mane is in the sights of many big European teams, including Barcelona and Real Madrid.

C.Ronaldo can bid farewell to Juventus this summer

The Italian press is skeptical about the possibility that C. Ronaldo will continue to stick with Juventus, even leaving the club of Turin in the summer of this year.

Italian newspaper Il Massaggero commented: “Juventus’ financial situation is ambiguous, and to pay Ronaldo a regular salary is an impossible task. His future is still in question. ”

C.Ronaldo’s old contract with the Juventus Arena team is valid until June 2022. However, this is a time when Juventus’ financial situation is not stable, especially in the context of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy.

In the next few months, C.Ronaldo also holds a meeting with the Juventus leadership to clarify the future. This is not the first time, the Italian press has reported that CR7 will leave Juventus.

C. Ronaldo went into his second year of playing for Juventus. He scored 21 goals in Serie A this season, on par with the 2018/19 season. This year’s tournament has been postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Yesterday, the Portuguese superstar agreed to reduce 3.8 million euros of income received from “Old Lady” of Turin. After meeting with captain Chiellini and veteran Buffon, CR7 accepted helping Juventus to overcome difficulties during the pandemic.

Italian media revealed that Juventus may be the first club in Serie A to reduce salaries to compensate for the financial loss due to competition. Chiellini led the discussion with all Juventus members about reducing wages.

Juventus is the team with the highest salary in Serie A, currently spending about 70 million euros / month salary. Ronaldo is the highest-paid star of 31 million euros / year.

In Europe, many top teams such as Bayern Munich, Dortmund, PSG or Barcelona are also lobbying players to reduce wages to overcome financial difficulties caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe.

Liverpool lost Mohamed Salah in 4 months because of the Africa Cup and 2021 Olympic Games

Liverpool face the prospect of no star service Mohamed Salah for four months next season when the striker was summoned to attend the Africa Cup and the 2021 Olympic Games.

Mohamed Salah is a star not only for Liverpool, but also for the Egyptian national team. Therefore, when the African Football Cup as well as the Tokyo Olympic held in 2021, the “Red Brigade” will have to struggle with the absence of the Egyptian striker during 4 months with 2 tournaments. taking place near each other next year.

According to the decision of the International Olympic Committee as well as the host of Japan, the 2020 Olympic Games will move to the summer of 2021, while the European Football Cup scheduled to take place in the summer of 2021 is also forced to push to an earlier time. January or February of the following year.

Therefore, coach Jurgen Klopp considered this would be a disaster without Mohamed Salah in his squad.

Liverpool will also not have the services of striker Sadio Mane, who will assume the role of captain of Senegal. Naby Keita and defender Joel Matip are also likely to return to serve their country’s team.

Meanwhile, Salah will surely return to lead his national team at the African football cup. The role of the Egyptian player in the Olympics squad is much more controversial.

Accordingly, teams competing in the Olympic Games are asked to bring in young stars, but there are still a few players over the age of 23 are allowed to attend to help their teams compete successfully.

Egypt U23 coach Shawky Gharib insists: “Salah is one of the best players in the world and any coach wants to invite him to his team, so we are always ready to welcome him. back to the national team. “