Function of JetPack, How to install plugin Jetpack in wordpress

Function of JetPack, How to install plugin Jetpack in wordpress

1.Function of JetPack
JetPack is a plugin that gathers many features to improve your blog, but does not mean that by activating the functions that you want to use, it will turn on, otherwise it will not be so heavy.

JetPack functions include:

  • Manage multiple WordPress websites at once from WordPress.Com service.
  • Statistics hits every day.
  • CSS editing with Custom CSS.
  • Log in to the website using your account.
  • Manage authentication with Google Webmaster Tool.
  • Feature related articles.
  • Prepare content in Markdown language.
  • Use CDN for images via Photon to save bandwidth and speed up.
  • InfiniteScroll – download the next article by sliding to the bottom of the website.
  • Customize display widgets through different pages.
  • Add JSON API to website.
  • Features Like posts, not Facebook Likes.
  • Automatically share articles on social networks with Publicize.
  • Receive notifications regarding website activities.
  • Replace the comment frame into JetPack’s comment box, allowing you to log in with a social network account to comment.
  • Allow guests to receive new posts via Email with Subscriptions.
  • Nice visual presentation with Carousel.
  • Improved posting features via Email.
  • Insert buttons to share posts on social networks.
  • Check the spelling of the article.
  • View detailed information about Gravatar when hovering over their avatar.
  • Create contact form.
  • Tiled Gallery – create a gallery of beautiful images.
  • Share articles with short links (shortlink) from
  • Private interface when accessing the website by phone.
  • Type math formula.
  • Add some widgets.

2. Install the JetPack plugin
Simply install the JetPack plugin, go to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and find the plugin named JetPack by Then press install and activate.

After activation, press the Connect to button in the notification bar to proceed to connect your website to your account.

Login and connect successfully, press Activate Now button to activate.

3. Activate JetPack features
As I said at the beginning of the lesson, JetPack is a collection of dozens of functions but basically you will just need to turn on the ones you need to avoid heavier websites. By default, when installing JetPack, it will turn off some functions, so you have to turn it on.

To turn on the required functions, go to Dashboard -> JetPack -> Settings and select the functions that are not yet highlighted in green and press the Activate button.

That’s it, now you can start using the functions you need. Each feature when activated will have the word Configure to set up so you will click on it to set up each feature page.

Compare WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache: A solution has a lot of features related to managing the caching of a site
WP Super Cache: A simpler but equally powerful solution suitable for large traffic sites

WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache: Detailed comparison

Let’s get started first with WP Super Cache:

WP Super Cache was created by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. It helps you create static HTML files so that the web server displays it to visitors. This solution is faster than handling WordPress PHP scripts, which are more expensive and take longer to process.

WP Super Cache has 3 methods for serving cached files. ‘Expert’, the fastest way, make sure the site works even if it suffers from a lot of traffic (very useful when your website needs to expand). The ‘Simple’ method is not as fast, but there may be files saved in the dynamic still call area. The final method, ‘WP-Cache caching’, is primarily about people who are logged in, helping them perform tasks on the site faster and safer.

WP Super Cache is simple, lightweight, and easy to configure, it is the first choice for those who are new to WordPress. It can also be synchronized with the Content Delivery Network (CDN), which means you can speed up your site even further.

Now, we will introduce to W3 Total Cache:

Like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache can be easily integrated with CDN. However, it saves bandwidth more because it also minifies and compressing your site files. The flexible compression and compression capability of this plugin also speeds up WordPress 10 times. It also has a feature that reduces page loading time, and also increases the user experience in the process.

W3 Total Cache is different from WP Super Cache in that it doesn’t need to know what the web host is using, it still acts as a reliable caching solution. WP Super Cache works better on weaker servers.

Because there are many features for minimizing JavaScript and Custom Style Sheet (CSS), as well as the ability to object caching capabilities, W3 Total Cache is better suited for users who need advanced features. Especially for those who want to develop WordPress sites that are aimed at mobile users, because it also supports caching for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

We will look specifically at the features between W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache below. Now, let’s see what is the user-friendly level of each WordPress cache plugin.

Easy to use
Like any WordPress plugin, you can install WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache by going to Plugins> Add New in the dashboard. Then find the name of that plugin. Click the Install Now button, and don’t forget the Activate plugin later:

After installation is complete, see how to configure W3 Total Cache.

You will see that after activating W3 Total Cache, a new menu called Performance will appear in the dashboard. To complete configuring the W3 total cache, you need to enter this item: Performance> General Settings, then adjust each setting on it. Click Save all settings for to apply your choice:

This process can cause you headaches, especially if you are new to handling caching. Luckily, W3 Total Cache has a FAQ page, which provides the best configuration techniques for your site.

In contrast, setting up WP Super Cache configuration is simpler. After installing and activating this plugin, go to Settings> WP Super Cache. You will see two simple options to turn off or turn on caching. Click on Caching On button and select Update Status and finish:

In this part of the WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache, it is clear that WP super cache is better. However, because the WP super cache is not heavy on features, it is suitable for implementing simple caching for sites on weak servers.

Both plugins have powerful features to help improve server performance and user experience. The main difference between the two is how flexible each feature is, and how to configure each feature to suit the caching requirements.

Some key features of the W3 Total Cache plugin:

Minification for many types of file types (HTTP, CSS, JavaScript) and databases.
Ability to import attachments of articles to CDN or WordPress media library.
Browser caching through Cache-Control general-header field.
Fully mobile support.
Caching for search results and database objects.
Support CDN.
There are many advantages of W3 Total Cache that WP Super Cache does not have. First of all, the paid version also supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, helping to increase the security of your data cached. SSL certificates also play a big role in improving SEO.

As mentioned above, many of the advanced features of W3 Total Cache can insert scripts into Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It ensures optimal site performance for mobile devices.

Finally, we also note that the main strength of W3 Total Cache lies in the pre-caching feature. You can easily adjust before caching will take place where, on disk or on memory.

Now let’s take a look at WP Super Cache. Some of its main features are:

Ability to write mod_rewrite for static caching (especially faster than HTML caching based on PHP)
Automatically compress pages.
Timer cache basic function.
Support CDN.
The user-friendly export feature makes it easy to copy caching configuration to another site.
Mobile device support.
WP Super Cache has some advantages to overcome W3 Total Cache in some other important areas. As such, you can configure to replace the WordPress plugin’s download order. That means you can prioritize the most important plugins for users, to increase the page experience, and user experience throughout the process.

However, with this round of W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache, we saw the victory in favor of W3 Total Cache. Although the features may seem too much, if properly configuring your site will significantly increase performance. Particularly important if you are building an e-commerce site or e-commerce business.

Although WP Super Cache is a powerful WordPress cache plugin, capable of handling sites with large traffic, it’s completely free. WP Super Cache also consistently ranks high among WordPress cache plugins, it is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of money but still need a usable solution.

The free version of W3 Total Cache has a number of good features, and a scalable framework. It is fully compatible with performance boosting software like Cloudflare and New Relic, as well as WPML plugin (allows to quickly translate into other languages)

W3 Total Cache Pro ($ 99 price) has many other advanced features:

Fragment caching. It caches part for a dynamic site (for example, an e-commerce site’s product page)
Exclusive extension framework: 3rd party can contribute and fix site errors, without accessing the source code. In return, this can make the site extremely light, significantly increasing overall performance.
Genesis Framework compatibility: W3 Total Cache Pro can perform decentralized caching for this extremely popular WordPress theme, increasing load efficiency by 60%.
The other perks of using W3 Total Cache Pro’s paid version are, users can purchase special services for this plugin. Includes features like performance monitoring, service error correction, and plugin configuration services. Prices for these solutions range from $ 250 to $ 350.

When comparing the WP Super Cache vs. W3 Total Cache in terms of cost, the best option depends on what your WordPress site is. If you run a simple site to promote services, need less interaction with customers, WP Super Cache has been sufficient for effective caching roles.

However, if your site (or multisite system) has many different e-commerce features, you need to invest in caching segmentation with an effective solution. W3 Total Cache Pro is for you. It is also the perfect choice for those who want to increase the overall performance of the site with CDN mirroring.

Support is a factor to consider when choosing the caching WordPress plugin. Usually, it is difficult to determine which features will be most needed for your site (especially if you do not have technical knowledge).

Both WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are well supported, so you don’t have to worry about this problem. In addition to having a support community from, both have a very detailed and complete FAQ area.

Take a look at the WP Super Cache support interface. Once activated, you will see the Need Help menu? showing up:

In this menu, you can see the instructions for the plugin. In addition to the FAQ page and support forum, you also have your own Debug Tab. This feature lets you type your IP address to debug the plugin, and can help you delete the data cache when an error occurs. page for WP Super Cache also contains a lot of effective configuration information. If there are no special requirements related to caching for your stie, then please configure it according to the instructions above.

Because W3 Super Cache has more advanced features than WP Super Cache, FAQ pages and support forums are also more powerful. There are many online tutorials to help optimize your WordPress site completely.

When you start exploring how to configure W3 Super Cache, you may have difficulty because of its complexity. To help you solve this problem, the plugin supports Premium Support Response (although the price is quite harsh, up to $ 250).

Comparison between WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache on support issues, W3 Total Cache supports better. Although you have to pay for premium support, the W3 total cache helps you solve complex problems quickly and safely. It also has a free version for you to submit bug reports.

WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache: Final conclusion
Choose WordPress cache plugin that suits your site’s needs. It is closely related to the complexity and size of the site. So in order to compare, the repository also offers which plugin results are superior to any plugin.

In terms of functionality, support, features and compatibility with performance boosting software, the W3 Total Cache is completely overwhelming. However, if you need a simple, reliable and free solution (but also integrated CDN), WP super cache is the best choice.

We also note that another advantage of W3 Total Cache compared to WP Super Cache is compatibility. W3 Total Cache seems to work with all web hosts and themes, WP has errors related to both problems.

But if you have to choose between the Super Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, we will choose W3 Total Cache – if you have time to get used to its features.

Rank Math – The best Seo plugin for wordpress

Rank Math – The best Seo plugin for wordpress

We want to introduce you to a cool version, which is considered more than Yoast versatile SEO so much that is Rank Math.

It has built-in smart features that are very useful in SEO but you have to use 3 or 4 new plugins to get. The integrated smart features will provide very significant power in your SEO process and save manpower. All operations are done with a few simple mouse clicks.

This plugin is developed by the MyThemeShop team, so it is integrated with powerful features and long-term trends. The world experts highly appreciate this SEO support plugin.

1. How did Rank Math defeat my opponents?
With the integration of these separate features, a plugin is trusted by SEO experts:

Easy to install:
Rank Math has been simplified for users who need to install. Rank Math has a roadmap for installing and setting up step-by-step features for users to easily use perfectly.

Diversified Google Schema:
With support for 14 types of code in detail and now configure Schema easily. With a few clicks, you have optimized your post with the appropriate Schema code.

Maximum keywords:
Unlike other plugins, Rank Math allows users to optimize 5 keywords focused in one article. Yoast SEO currently only has 1 keyword in the free version.

Google Search Console integration:
This idea is very bold, it saves you a lot of time by integrating Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right inside WordPress.

Google Keyword Ranking:
Rank Math support takes advantage of the built-in keyword rankings feature for users.

Integrate LSI keyword tool:
Integrating this LSI keyword analysis tool makes it easy to transform key words into long-term keywords that increase traffic.

Social sharing icons integrated right on the image:
Rank Math is an interesting feature that adds social share icons to Gifs and videos on posts.

SEO analysis tool:
With just one click, Rank Math can audit your entire website and give you advice.

40 SEO checklist:
Rank Math is entirely based on supercharge SEO. It allows checking up to 40 elements to check before posting or for the website.

Smart navigation management:
This Rank Math program will help you create, manage, delete, turn on or turn off navigation with a large scale.

Local Business SEO:
This feature is integrated to make your website stand out in SERP and attract more traffic when having local queries.

Optimal Breadcrumbs:
Rank Math can optimize Breadcrumbs on all websites even if the theme does not support it.

404 Monitor:
Rank Math has a built-in feature that helps you find and resolve 404 errors for a better user experience.

Smart internal link:
Smart Rank Math will suggest your other posts to link internally from the current post. This feature helps your website improve its ranking.

Management role:
Even if you have many employees managing your website. You can control exactly what each employee accesses to manage your website.

Only 30,000 lines of code:
Although the features are more than other plugins, Rank Math still encapsulates the 30,000 matching scripts.

2. does Rank Math change the game?

Automatic configuration:
All you need to do is set up some options and the rest to Rank Math will set itself up for your website.

Super Fast SEO Plugin:
Even after hugging a lot of terrible features, Rank Math doesn’t slow down your server

New SEO analysis tool:
Rank Math will analyze and give you recommendations in SEO to improve SEO. The day problem you will often spend money on SEO expert analysis. Now there is no need.

Sync Yoast SEO:
With just one click, Rank Math can synchronize the settings you have installed on Yoast SEO for itself. This synchronization is immediately done quickly and does not affect your ranking results.

Synchronous AIO SEO:
With just one click, Rank Math can synchronize the settings you have installed on the AIO for itself. This synchronization is immediately done quickly and does not affect your ranking results.

Optimize 5 keywords at once:
You can optimize your posts to the maximum of 5 different keywords with Rank Math.

Sync Schema Rich Snippet:
Rank Math can import all AIO Rich Snippet settings in a few clicks, helping to maintain your rankings when switching to Rank Math

How to use Yoast SEO plugin Onpage SEO support

How to use Yoast SEO plugin Onpage SEO support

If Offpage SEO is the work of link building, creating signals from other websites pointing to, SEO Onpage is the optimal journey on your website to fit and be friendly with Google search engine .

This is the optimal tool to support SEO Onpage completely free but extremely powerful. It has a lot of great features to help you step by step optimize the site to be appreciated under the eyes of bots from Google.

Install Yoast SEO plugin

You access the wp-admin interface of the website to install, Plugin -> Add New -> and search Yoast SEO keywords in the search box.

Click Install then Activate plugin as usual.

Set General overview
After activating the plugin, look at the left hand column of the dashboard wp-admin, you will see the SEO section with Yoast symbol as shown. There are 5 items to configure, depending on the intended use.

We will click on General to go to the website’s general settings interface.

Here you see 3 main tabs: Dashboard, Features and Webmaster Tools

At the default Dasboard tab, after the installation is completed, there will be no notice to note. On the Features tab, I will turn On – Off on and off in items like the image, you should note that I will explain immediately below.

SEO Analytics: Yoast will analyze the content on the page you publish & have a green or red checklist underneath the editing area of ​​the page so you can see the content and the title, the description of that page is having problems. Any topic that needs further optimization.
Readability analytics: Yoast will assess the readability or difficulty in reading the content you present on the page. This is not necessary because the normal habit is not to write long paragraphs, 2-3 rows and the paragraph is easy to read.
Cornerstone content: This feature allows you to mark the content in any pages / posts which is the most valuable and fundamental content on the website to keep track of the onpage issues of that post / page.
Text link counter: Indicates how many internal links on the page or post.
XML sitemaps: Add XML sitemaps to index search for websites on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex …
Ryte integration: Detects whether the website is in Google’s index.
Admin bar menu: Turn on if you want to add Yoast menu dropdown in wp-admin interface
Security no advanced settings for authors: Turn on to prevent authors from being able to remove your article from the search results arbitrarily, change the original URL of the article and only allow users to act as editors or real administrators does this.
Then click Save changes to save the settings you just made.

In Webmaster Tools, we will add website to google Webmaster Tools. Click on the Google Search Console link that Yoast displays to be taken to the Google Search Console interface

Go to the Google Search Console interface, select the HTML tag method.

We will get the correct code from the quotation marks that we marked on the picture to paste into the Google Verification Code box on the Yoast interface on the website.

Go back here and paste it into the correct Google box, then click Save changes

After you’ve clicked save changes, open the Google Search Console tab and click verify. Immediately receive the following message that you have successfully added the website to Webmaster tools.

Search Appearance
Next, I guide you to set up the Search Appearance section, which also starts with a sequence of tabs from left to right.

Here we just need to set the title and custom delimiter title and title as well as the meta for the homepage if you use the homemade homepage but not the default homepage of the themes.

Content Types
Go to the content types tab you set for posts then go to pages as shown.

Show Posts in search results: select Yes to display the posts you posted to google search results.

Date in Snippet Preview: Select Show to display the date you published the post content. Users often like to read fresh content, which will increase the click-through rate.

Yoast SEO Meta Box: Display the meta description of the post.

Under the SEO title structure, you set up elements like: Title then Seperator and then Site title.

Search Console
Connect Yoast with Google Search Console to promptly detect errors in the website such as broken links, index errors, posts changing paths, deleted posts, redirect navigation links, etc.

You do the following, click Get Google Auth Code

The interface appears for you to copy the code as shown, remember to copy to return the paste to the Authenticate side of Yoast

Then paste it here and click Authenticate to finish connecting Yoast to Search Console

Set up Social information to Yoast get data of your social network accounts, from which you can set up optimal sharing from website posts to how social networking sites look like. Is the title, description, thumbnail, .. appropriate?

Yoast’s fifth and final setting is Tools.

Yoast’s tools support the following 3 quite useful tasks

Import & Export: Helps you easily import & export existing settings from other SEO support plugins to Yoast and vice versa.
File editor: Support to intervene to edit system files such as robots.txt, .htaccess quickly
Bulk editor: Supports quick editing of titles and descriptions of many posts and pages without having to go into the editor of each page / post to manipulate.

Recent article display instructions on Widget with plugin RECENT POSTS WIDGET WITH THUMBNAIL

Recent article display instructions on Widget with plugin RECENT POSTS WIDGET WITH THUMBNAIL

In WordPress, the widget has been displayed by default recently, but this display is not very nice and professional, so I will introduce the Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail plugin to create a widget Display recent posts beautifully and professionally.

About Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail plugin.
Recent Posts Widget Plugin With Thumbnail created by Martin Stehle now has over 100,000 downloads. The Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail plugin will make it easy to create a nice widget of recent posts.

Features of Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail plugin.

  • This is a pretty lightweight plugin, easy to use and effective.
  • You can set: Widget title, number of posts listed, show author name, display comment number …

How to install and use Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail plugin.
First, you need to install and install Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnail in WordPress, go to Plugins -> Add new -> Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail plugin in Search Plugins box and then install and activate, ( You can refer to how to install and activate the plugin in WordPress for a better understanding.)
Next to Appearance -> Widgets will see Recent Posts With Thumbnail section

Drag and drop it into the SideBar bar and then proceed to customize

Please install as you like, this installation is very simple, please install how to make your site look the best.