C. Ronaldo left an impression on the image of taking care of sweet girls

After hours of intense training on the pitch, C. Ronaldo seems to have found a new source of spiritual strength with her little daughter Alana.

Recently, C.Ronaldo himself shared on social networks a video of a sweet moment of fun with her 2-year-old daughter Alana. Say fun but actually, CR7 is “taking advantage” of the pet to practice.

Just putting her back on the exercise ball, just letting her daughter sit on her stomach, CR7 has very cleverly folded her belly up and down. The superstar player also made a brief but humorous statement about his behavior: “There is no excuse”.

And just after a short time posted on social networks, C.Ronaldo’s footage has collected 23.7 million views and tens of thousands of favorites. In particular, the close, sweet father-and-son affection of the CR7 family has completely “knocked down” fans.

It is interesting that C. Ronaldo always knows how to combine childcare with practice. Previously, CR7 also had the opportunity to carry their oldest son Cristiano Jr on his back and perform pushups continuously.

Of course, not all stars maintain a professional training spirit like C.Ronaldo. And perhaps, this is also the reason why CR7 continues to maintain its peak performance despite turning 35.

This season, CR7 has scored 23 goals in 28 matches of Juventus in all competitions.

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