C.Ronaldo can bid farewell to Juventus this summer

The Italian press is skeptical about the possibility that C. Ronaldo will continue to stick with Juventus, even leaving the club of Turin in the summer of this year.

Italian newspaper Il Massaggero commented: “Juventus’ financial situation is ambiguous, and to pay Ronaldo a regular salary is an impossible task. His future is still in question. ”

C.Ronaldo’s old contract with the Juventus Arena team is valid until June 2022. However, this is a time when Juventus’ financial situation is not stable, especially in the context of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy.

In the next few months, C.Ronaldo also holds a meeting with the Juventus leadership to clarify the future. This is not the first time, the Italian press has reported that CR7 will leave Juventus.

C. Ronaldo went into his second year of playing for Juventus. He scored 21 goals in Serie A this season, on par with the 2018/19 season. This year’s tournament has been postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Yesterday, the Portuguese superstar agreed to reduce 3.8 million euros of income received from “Old Lady” of Turin. After meeting with captain Chiellini and veteran Buffon, CR7 accepted helping Juventus to overcome difficulties during the pandemic.

Italian media revealed that Juventus may be the first club in Serie A to reduce salaries to compensate for the financial loss due to competition. Chiellini led the discussion with all Juventus members about reducing wages.

Juventus is the team with the highest salary in Serie A, currently spending about 70 million euros / month salary. Ronaldo is the highest-paid star of 31 million euros / year.

In Europe, many top teams such as Bayern Munich, Dortmund, PSG or Barcelona are also lobbying players to reduce wages to overcome financial difficulties caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe.

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