Barcelona look for a big win to put pressure on Real Madrid

In the 29th round of La Liga. Barcelona will host Leganes at the Nou Camp in search of a strong victory. And “cut off” Real Madrid in the race to the championship.

After a three-month break due to Covid-19, Barcelona had a march to Mallorca’s Iberostar. Setien was worried about the performance of his students, but Barcelona still showed remarkable strength.

The club of Catalonia easily won to 4-0 thanks to the shine of the stars. In particular. Lionel Messi is the star that left many marks with two assists and goals at the end of the match.

Watching Barcelona play, the fans did not feel out of place, lost feeling after a long time without playing. The period of 1 month is enough for Quique Setien’s army to assemble the squad and create excitement for the students to get the best performance.

The 4-0 win over Mallorca gives Barcelona a lot of things. They have certain confidence in the race to win the La Liga title this year, although the tournament still has 10 laps and many obstacles ahead.

Real Madrid just beat Eibar 3-1 and only 2 points behind Barcelona before the last 10 rounds. That makes Barcelona understand that they are not allowed to lose any match, to avoid a big risk in the final round.

In this round 29, Real Madrid will have a difficult match promising Valencia. Therefore, if Barcelona beat Leganes, Real Madrid will surely be under tremendous pressure in the match after 2 days.

Leganes were phenomenal last season when they beat Real Madrid and drew Barcelona. However, they are playing quite badly this season, when they just got 23 points / 29 matches and braced themselves in the relegation race.

There is nothing left to lose, Leganes will surely “die” when marching to the Nou Camp. That is the biggest difficulty that Barcelona faces, in addition to the balance of the forces of the two teams are quite different.

Leganes is known as a team with a close and uncomfortable play. However, the defense of Leganes was quite bad this season, when they conceded 41 goals in just 28 matches.

When the Champions League is not scheduled to return, Barcelona will focus on La Liga playground. Coach Quique Setien will still launch the strongest squad and the only goal is to get 3 points in the La Liga round 29.

After Rakitic “made himself do it”, Setien coach is operating quite well in midfield including De Jong, Busquets, Vidal. These are the three midfielders considered to be the most comprehensive in the world today and work together in perfect harmony.

With the trio attacking Luis Suarez, Griezmann and Lionel Messi, Barcelona will have the strongest attack to confront Leganes. A bold victory is what Setien coach aims to straight to the championship of La Liga, although the road ahead is still quite arduous.

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