Man City paid dearly for the great victory over Burnley

A 5-0 win over Burnley cost City a price for injury through Sergio Aguero. After the match, Pep Guardiola said that Aguero will likely be absent from the match against Chelsea and Liverpool.

Man City won a 5-0 win over Burnley in the latest match in the 30th round of the Premier League. Pep Guardiola’s army rose to a score of 63, reduced the gap with Liverpool to 20 points and made the Merseyside team unable to easily win the Premier League 2019/20.

In this match, Aguero limped off the field in injury time for the first half after a fierce challenge on the visitors’ captain Ben Mee in the penalty area. It was a Mee foul that led Burnley to pay a penalty.

According to Guardiola’s coach, Aguero was in a bad shape before the game and the injury he met in the match could have caused the Argentine striker to end the season early.

Aguero will certainly not be able to play in the match against Chelsea next Thursday, this match takes place the day after the Liverpool match against Crystal Palace. If Liverpool win, Man City must win to keep the Premier League title, otherwise Liverpool will become the new Premier League king.

If Aguero is unable to play in the current season, it will be a strong blow to Man City’s ambition to win the Champions League, the European tournament will return in early August. wide doors to the quarterfinals after a 2-1 win at Real Madrid on the first leg of the round of 1/8.

Guardiola shared after the game, he said: “He is not good. We will know the result tomorrow. Aguero had a head-to-head problem last month, now he feels something is wrong there. ”

“Tomorrow we will know exactly what is wrong with him. The doctor said it would take time (to recover). He will definitely be absent for a few games, but maybe the medical test results tomorrow will give us good news. ”

Aguero has not contributed goals for Man City since the Premier League returned, before Arsenal and Burnley. While young midfielder Foden scored three goals in two matches, Guardiola praised the young talent of City, who opened the scoring and set a 5-0 victory for Man City against Burnley.

When Foden played, he never played poorly. Especially his manners and attitude, whether he plays or not, he doesn’t show any attitude, of course he likes to play soccer.

He likes to be the first one to touch the ball during practice, he likes to play and every time he plays since moving to the first team with us, he’s always on a high level.

However, we cannot forget that he is only 19 or 20 and he must improve. Foden will be an important player for our next decade at this club. Through the minutes shown, he deserves it.

Neymar was sued for gender discrimination of his mother boyfriend

The recent troubles of Neymar are related to Tiago Ramos, the young pilot who is 29 years younger than his mother.

Recently, Neymar was unexpectedly sued for “homosexual discrimination” and “inciting hatred” targeting this minority. And Agripino Magalhaes, a LGBT campaigner in Brazil. then filed a lawsuit against Neymar at the Sao Paulo prosecutor’s office in Brazil.

Agripino Magalhaes said: “My lawyer has officially filed a complaint against Neymar Junior and his friends on charges of homosexuality, speech hatred and intimidation of a member of the community LGBT .

Earlier, Neymar had a disdain for his mother’s boyfriend and called him with a heavy gender insult. It is known that his mother’s boyfriend. Tiago Ramos, is bisexual and in the past, he had both a girlfriend and an ex-boyfriend.

The incident was only widely exposed after the Neymar text messages sent to friends were spread out. However, the prosecutor will seriously consider this evidence before deciding whether to prosecute Neymar or not.

According to the plaintiff’s share, Neymar’s behaviors can also be considered racist. And in the case of a conviction, Neymar will certainly miss an appointment to re-export with his PSG teammates.

Last year, Neymar was also involved in a lawsuit scandal when she was raped by model Najila Trindade.

However, the police finally ended the investigation because there was not enough evidence to accuse the superstar player.

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Barcelona look for a big win to put pressure on Real Madrid

In the 29th round of La Liga. Barcelona will host Leganes at the Nou Camp in search of a strong victory. And “cut off” Real Madrid in the race to the championship.

After a three-month break due to Covid-19, Barcelona had a march to Mallorca’s Iberostar. Setien was worried about the performance of his students, but Barcelona still showed remarkable strength.

The club of Catalonia easily won to 4-0 thanks to the shine of the stars. In particular. Lionel Messi is the star that left many marks with two assists and goals at the end of the match.

Watching Barcelona play, the fans did not feel out of place, lost feeling after a long time without playing. The period of 1 month is enough for Quique Setien’s army to assemble the squad and create excitement for the students to get the best performance.

The 4-0 win over Mallorca gives Barcelona a lot of things. They have certain confidence in the race to win the La Liga title this year, although the tournament still has 10 laps and many obstacles ahead.

Real Madrid just beat Eibar 3-1 and only 2 points behind Barcelona before the last 10 rounds. That makes Barcelona understand that they are not allowed to lose any match, to avoid a big risk in the final round.

In this round 29, Real Madrid will have a difficult match promising Valencia. Therefore, if Barcelona beat Leganes, Real Madrid will surely be under tremendous pressure in the match after 2 days.

Leganes were phenomenal last season when they beat Real Madrid and drew Barcelona. However, they are playing quite badly this season, when they just got 23 points / 29 matches and braced themselves in the relegation race.

There is nothing left to lose, Leganes will surely “die” when marching to the Nou Camp. That is the biggest difficulty that Barcelona faces, in addition to the balance of the forces of the two teams are quite different.

Leganes is known as a team with a close and uncomfortable play. However, the defense of Leganes was quite bad this season, when they conceded 41 goals in just 28 matches.

When the Champions League is not scheduled to return, Barcelona will focus on La Liga playground. Coach Quique Setien will still launch the strongest squad and the only goal is to get 3 points in the La Liga round 29.

After Rakitic “made himself do it”, Setien coach is operating quite well in midfield including De Jong, Busquets, Vidal. These are the three midfielders considered to be the most comprehensive in the world today and work together in perfect harmony.

With the trio attacking Luis Suarez, Griezmann and Lionel Messi, Barcelona will have the strongest attack to confront Leganes. A bold victory is what Setien coach aims to straight to the championship of La Liga, although the road ahead is still quite arduous.

Shining brightly the day back, Messi set a new record

With a goal against Mallorca, Messi not only helped Barcelona win a bold victory but also went into the history of La Liga.

After a long break from translation, the La Liga has officially returned. In the La Liga round 28 match last night, Barcelona made a trip on the pitch of Mallorca. However, that did not stop Barcelona from showing strength. After 90 minutes, Los Blaugrana won with a score of 4-0 against Mallorca.

As usual, Messi still shines brightly in this match by contributing 1 goal and 2 assists. It is worth mentioning, with the goal in the match against Mallorca, the Argentine “superstar” has entered La Liga history.

This is Messi’s 20 goals in La Liga this season. According to statistics, Barcelona’s “superstar” has become the first player to score 20 or more goals in 12 consecutive seasons in La Liga.

The goal against Mallorca further strengthened Messi’s No. 1 position in the race to win La Liga top scorer. Currently, Messi is 6 goals ahead of the second one, Karim Benzenma. The Real Madrid striker has just scored 14 goals.

Not only leading the race to the top scorer, Messi also leads the list of assists in La Liga. So far, El Pulga has had 14 passes in the top flight of Spain. In every arena, Messi has 25 goals and 18 passes into goals.

Did Messi find the “successor” in Barcelona?

Man Utd asked to recruit Ansu Fati to 100 million euros. This shows that the 17-year-old striker is not ordinary. He is on his way to becoming Messi’s successor in Barcelona.

Over the years, Barcelona’s La Masia training facility is no longer rated as high as before. After the golden generation of Messi, Pedro, Pique … people do not mention too much of La Masia. Because, the young talents of this club cannot exist in the first team and must exile to find success.

There was a time when Bojan Krkic, Gerard Deulofeu, Rafinha … had high expectations but then they all had to sell out of the Nou Camp. Even in the match against Celta Vigo in 2018, for the first time in 16 years, Barcelona did not launch any mature player from La Masia.

That said, Ansu Fati’s appearance in Barcelona’s first team is really the spark of La Masia. This is Barcelona’s turbulent season for a variety of reasons (the crisis of the upper class, the achievement of the pitch is not satisfactory) but they still see the bright spots, Ansu Fati is a part of that.

There is some detail to emphasize, Ansu Fati has rewritten records in Barcelona despite being … 17 years old. On September 31, the young striker scored against Osasuna, becoming the youngest player in Barcelona history to score in La Liga (16 years and 304 days). A few days later, he became the youngest player in La Liga history to score and assist in one match (16 years and 318 days). And of course Ansu Fati’s record has not yet stopped. At 16 years and 312 days, he is Barcelona’s youngest player to play in the Champions League and he is also the youngest player to score in this tournament when he conceded Inter at 17 years and 40 days. By February of this year, Ansu Fati became the youngest player to score twice in La Liga.

Ansu Fati’s record-breaking journey lasted for half a year. It seems that no peak pressure can hinder the 17-year-old star.

Spanish football expert Graham Hunter commented: “When faced with a big moment, many players are restless but Ansu Fati is completely the opposite. He was unbelievably excited. These things make people believe that Ansu Fati can become a top player in the world in 8-10 years.

Messi also admires the youngster’s talent and is paying special attention to him more than ever. It is the shoulders wide enough for Ansu Fati to find resilience in his career. ”

Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta announced his candidacy for the president of Barcelona in 2021, in which he emphasized that he would bring Xavi back to the Nou Camp to rediscover the “spirit” of Barcelona. In it, Joan Laporta emphasized to raise the level and bring the La Masia oven back. In particular, Ansu Fati is one of the nucleus to bring Barcelona forward. It should be added that, during the period of President Barcelona (2003-2010), it was Joan Laporta who brought the era of great success of Barcelona with the excellence of the La Masia furnace nuclear.

In fact, to get the potential Ansu Fati today, Barcelona people will have to thank Sevilla Academy Director, Pablo Blanco. He was the one who brought Ansu Fati to every street footballer in Guinea-Bissau a member of Sevilla’s youth soccer academy. It was the first turning point in Ansu Fati’s career.

He remembers the day when 8-year-old Ansu Fati stepped into Sevilla’s academy: “In Guinea, he used to play homemade balls from rags and when he first contacted the ball with Ansu Fati. indeed, he has done incredible things.

I have been in the football world for 50 years but have never witnessed such talent. Even though he was just a child, Ansu Fati showed a strong passion for the ball and he was not afraid of anything. ”

Less than two years later, Barcelona scouts discovered the talent of Ansu Fati. They won Real Madrid in the race for the new 9-year-old boy. During his time at Barcelona, ​​Ansu Fati gradually matured and shaped the future game.

At the age of 9, Ansu Fati teamed up with the Japanese prodigy, Takefusa Kuko to become the terrifying couple of Barcelona U12 team. That season, the U12 Barcelona team created a tremendous attack when scoring 130 goals.

During the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons, Barcelona received a ban on recruiting foreign young players for violating the law of access to young talents under the age of 18. Takefusa Kuko was forced to return to Japan (and a few years later, he moved to Real Madrid). Fortunately, Ansu Fati is still retained.

The player was promoted to Barcelona’s Juvenil-B team in the 2016/17 season and was quickly promoted to the Juvenil-A team the following season, thanks to his superb goalscoring ability.

Ansu Fati’s promotion process was unexpectedly fast. In this season, when Suarez or Dembele was injured, he was quickly promoted to Barcelona’s first team at 16, 11 months and 25 days. And shortly after, the striker was brought in the match against Real Betis, before becoming the youngest Barcelona player to score in La Liga a week later.

Former La Masia furnace director, Albert Puig, was shocked by the talent of Ansu Fati: “He can play in many positions on the front line such as number 9, number 10, number 7 or number 11. That is a good player. versatile. Ansu Fati is fast and always knows how to make a difference. He has an unbelievable head, with great imagination. It is truly a natural talent ”.

He also compared Ansu Fati to Messi during training

Messi has decided his future in Barcelona

Argentinian superstar Messi has chosen not to activate the terms of freedom to leave Barcelona. Therefore, he will stay at the Nou Camp for at least another season.

In recent times, the internal of Barcelona is said to be very unstable. Six members of the board of directors of the team applied to resign. Because of dissatisfaction with President Bartoumeu’s management. Not stopping there, the players are also said to be unhappy after being reduced 70% of the salary of the team leadership.

Messi football

That sparked rumors that Messi was planning to leave Barcelona. ​​Especially after he and sports director Eric Abidal had controversy in the newspaper. Quique Setien himself also confirmed his willingness to let El Pulga leave. If he no longer believes in Barcelona’s ability to succeed.

Notably, in the contract signed with Barcelona in 2017. There was a provision that Messi was allowed to freely negotiate with any club. Without consulting Barcelona during the Summer 2020 transfer.

However, according to sources from ESPN. The provision that allows Messi to freely negotiate with any club expired on May 31. In case you want to break up the Nou Camp, El Pulga must notify before 1/6. This is the term that appeared in the contracts of players like Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta or Xavi in ​​the past.

Even so, Messi has not made any move yet. That means he will continue to stay at Barcelona for at least another season. (when his contract expires in 2021).

In fact, in the context of the economic hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not many clubs are willing to spend large amounts of money to recruit and pay Messi at this time.

Messi and his teammates are still aiming for a big goal this season. They are top in La Liga with 1 point more than Real Madrid. Besides, Barcelona also has a certain advantage in the Champions League when holding Napoli with a score of 1-1 in Italy in the first leg of the round of 1/8.

This season, Messi still maintains the top form. The player scored 24 goals for Barcelona in all competitions, including 19 in La Liga.

Crisis because of Covid-19, Barcelona frantically pushed “blockbuster” away

Barcelona are willing to let Ousmane Dembele leave during the summer transfer window on loan to cut off their payroll.

Barcelona was really struggling because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so much so that the club announced a 70% reduction in the wages of the players, despite this could cause a negative reaction in the whole team.

Not stopping there, at this time, Barcelona is trying to cut the salaries of high-paid players but not contributing much. French striker Ousmane Dembele is one of them.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Los Blaugrana is planning to let the French striker go on loan, just like Coutinho to cut payroll. Currently, Ousmane Dembele’s salary is about 10 million pounds / year.

Ousmane Dembele joined Barcelona in the summer of 2017 for a fee of £ 98 million (plus £ 35 million based on performance). However, the young French star could not reach as expected due to constant injuries.

According to statistics, the striker born in 1997 has suffered 10 injuries since joining Barcelona, ​​including many long-term injuries. This season, he has just played 5 matches for the Los Blaugrana in La Liga.

Although coach Quique Setien believes it is possible to revive Ousmane Dembele’s talent if the player is in good physical condition, the Barcelona leadership no longer trusts the player. The club’s top priority is to reduce salary fund in the context of a pandemic. In addition, after that, they hope to sell off Ousmane Dembele after the loan expires.

Last summer, the Catalan club pushed Coutinho to Bayern Munich on a one-year loan deal for a fee of 12 million euros (£ 10.7 million). Besides, “Gray Lobster” is also obligated to pay 12 million euros salary for Coutinho. In addition, Barcelona also dubbed a definitive purchase clause worth 120 million euros.

With the arrival of the Portuguese youngster, Francisco Trincao from Braga next July, plus the growing talent of Ansu Fati, Barcelona is not short of personnel for the attack next season.

Currently, Barcelona also lets Andre Gomes to Everton, Carles Perez to AS Roma on loan, along with the buy-out clause. They hope to receive some extra money from these contracts.

In the opposite direction, Barcelona is looking to welcome Neymar and Miralem Pjanic to the club in the summer. Talking about Neymar, coach Quique Setien said: “I really want to train Neymar at some point. I feel fortunate to have fulfilled my dream of leading Messi. And now, what will happen? Let’s wait. But I am sure that I would be happy if Neymar came to the club.

About Pjanic, he said: “I always say I like to lead top players. It is a great player like dozens of other players.

Another option is that Barcelona can make Ousmane Dembele a part of Neymar or Pjanic’s contract. But the problem is that, with Ousmane Dembele’s injury history, both Juventus and PSG just want to borrow this player, before the rain stops.

Jadon Sancho can win the yellow ball

Former Man Utd midfielder Owen Hargreaves believes that Jadon Sancho could win the golden ball in the future.

Jadon Sancho has been linked with leaving Dortmund this summer. The 20-year-old has scored 31 goals in 91 appearances since joining Dortmund in 2017.

This striker along with Haaland are the brightest young stars of football today. Both are currently at Dortmund and are welcomed by top European clubs.

Speaking to the press, former midfielder Owen Hargreaves evaluated Sancho: “Sancho knows his abilities and will find the best for himself. MU has a group of excellent young players and this will attract talented young players like Sancho.

Sancho knows Manchester very well because he used to play for City. Obviously, the club with Sancho’s service will be very lucky. I think they will have to spend a lot of money to buy Sancho but he will be the best player in the next decade.

Will Sancho win the Golden Ball? I think so, because he has great potential and has a great impact on Dortmund’s play. ”

Sancho’s current goal is to win the Bundesliga with Dortmund this season. Currently after 26 rounds, Dortmund is still 4 points behind leaders Bayern Munich.

Mimicking C. Ronaldo, the “young star” of Real Madrid is muscular

Vinicius Jr followed the diet and practice of superstar C. Ronaldo during the Covid-19 break and the young Real Madrid striker had an admirable, muscular body.

Young talent Vinicius Junior took advantage of the time off to play because of the Covid-19 pandemic to practice, improve his body before waiting for La Liga to play again. Notably, the Real Madrid striker learned from the diet and practice of C. Ronaldo to get a solid body, 8-pack abs as currently.

According to Marca newspaper, Vinicius Jr has hired cooks and fitness trainers to come to their own houses in the past few months to practice. The chef maintains a strict but nutritious diet, while fitness coach Thiago Lobo instructs Vinicius to perform exercises that help him become faster and healthier.

The Brazilian striker also designed the gym at home to practice during the break, helping him from a slim player with a solid, muscular body ideally.

Vinicius Jr joined Real Madrid in 2018 and is considered to have a very similar gameplay to his elder brother C. Ronaldo. The striker was born in 2000, impressed in the super classic match with Barcelona in March 2020 when scoring helped Real to lead Barca, becoming the youngest player to score in the super classic when only 19 years old. 233 days.

Last season, Vinicius became one of the first regular players to start from under Zinedine Zidane. So far, he has played 18 La Liga matches and scored 2 goals for the home team.

The former Real Madrid midfielder, Victor Sanchez del Amo, feels the play of the star Vinicius Junior, is very similar to Juventus superstar C. Ronaldo.

Vinicius statistics for the first two seasons show that he has scored eight goals. C. Ronaldo scored 11 goals in the first two seasons, Victor Sanchez del Amo shared in Marca newspaper.

“Vinicius is on a level very similar to C.Ronaldo at this age with a similar style of play. A winger with dribbling ability and speed, but he needs to know how to overcome difficulties. difficult to become one of the best players in history like Ronaldo did, “said Victor Sanchez del Amo.

Having just played 5 matches, Bruno Fernandes has reached the top of the Premier League squad

Despite being just five appearances in the Premier League, Bruno Fernandes has been selected to the BBC 2019 team of the season.

Bruno Fernandes arrived at Man Utd in the winter transfer window of 2020. After appearing, the Portuguese midfielder helped the Red Devils make up and win 9 consecutive unbeaten matches (up to the time of Bruno Fernandes). .

According to statistics, after 9 matches in all competitions, Bruno Fernandes has scored 3 goals and has 4 assists. If only in the Premier League, this player has just played 5 matches, scored 2 goals and has 3 assists.

In his best form, Bruno Fernandes won a double title in February, including Player of the Month in the Premier League and Player of the Month at Man Utd.

However, quite surprisingly, when he only played 5 matches, Bruno Fernandes has been voted by the BBC experts to the Premier League team of the season. The remaining two positions in midfield are Henderson (Liverpool), De Bruyne (Man City).

Although Bruno Fernandes was excellent, it was clear that his time in the Premier League was too short. In particular, fans cannot help but regret for Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) and James Maddison (Leicester City) because they have shown great performance this season.

In the BBC team of the season, Liverpool prevailed. In addition to Henderson, there are six other faces honored as Alisson Becker, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.

The remaining two faces appeared in the typical BBC squad: Leicester City defender Çağlar Söyüncü and Man City’s Sergio Aguero.