Arsenal has been eliminated, what did coach Mikel Arteta say?

Speaking after the match with Olympiacos, Arsenal’s Arteta manager admitted pain and disappointment to witness the home team be eliminated from the Europa League.

Despite taking many advantages with the 1-0 victory on the pitch of Olympiacos in the first leg of the round of 1/16 Europa League, Arsenal was suddenly suffered a 1-2 defeat (after 120 minutes of competition) at the Emirates home ground in the turn. about. This result makes “Gunners” eliminated by the away goal rule.

This makes Arsenal fans extremely frustrated and confusing. Few expected, the London team could be eliminated so soon. Meanwhile, coach Mikel Arteta also proved extremely disappointed.

Speaking at a press conference after the match, the Spaniard said: “I really felt pain. We have great ambitions in the Europa League because this is an important arena. However, the whole team went through a very difficult match.

We tried a lot and tried it all. I think both teams made a lot of positive points today. The players created a chance to win the match but two goals lost in fixed situations extinguished it all.

Olympiacos took the initiative to retreat to a deep formation. To overcome the 10-man defense like that is extremely hard. It would be great if we went on. Failure today is really great disappointment. However, I still feel proud of the students’ performance. Their performance in today’s match is commendable. We have to move on together. “

After the Europa League defeat, Arsenal will have to put all their efforts into the competition to compete in the top 4 Premier League. Currently, they are ranked 9th on the table with 37 points, 7 points behind Chelsea’s fourth team Chelsea.

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